Wednesday, September 17, 2008

new slings

How handsome is this little guy? He is so cute I can hardly stand stand it. Love him!

Although he looks quite content to be laying on the bed in the above photo, these moments do not last very long. My child likes to be held pretty much all the time. Even if he's asleep, usually he'll wake up as soon as I lay him down. The solution? Babywearing. So here are the new slings we recently got.

First, this is a Hotsling. I got mine here on sale for just $25, but they usually sell for $30-$80. It is quite easy to use and great because I can pop the baby in and out easily, which makes it nice for around the house or for a quick grocery store trip.

This is how I ate dinner the other night. It's not really how the baby is supposed to be in it, but Asher liked it.

And this sling I purchased from an organization called H.U.G.S. (Help Us Give Slings). It is made in Indonesia and the proceeds go to tsunami and earthquake victims in that area. The fabric is SO beautiful! This is a traditional selendang sling. It is basically just a very large piece of fabric that you just tie on like you see in the second photo.
(Disclaimer: This is me without any makeup after a long walk outside [I used my beco for that], hence the shininess.)

Asher spent the majority of the afternoon in this sling and had a nice long nap.
Later I used it as a blanket and he napped some more.

Again, the fabric is really beautiful and the sling is quite versatile because you can tie it different ways. Plus, you can feel good buying it because it's for a good cause!


  1. Oh I love all of these photos, but especially the one were his little face is squished on your chest. He looks so peaceful, and right where he belongs...with his momma.

  2. Those slings are beautiful, so is your son and you too, makeupless and all.

  3. katrina, we're having a sweet boy too!

    love the slings. i'm a babyhawk fan myself.

  4. Wishing for a baby just for that sling.

    Ok, not really. A purse in that fabric would do just as well, but your accessory is much cuter!!