This blog is my little place on the web to write, post pictures, and record my life. You'll find a little bit of everything. Feel free to take a look around and stay awhile.

I am just an ordinary wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend. I have an artists soul with a bit of hippie spirit thrown in. I once had a brief career as a TV news producer. Now I am lucky enough to be home with my babies with a small photography business to keep my creative juices flowing. (See my work here.) I am passionate about natural child birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, plant based whole foods, and of course photography. Someday I hope I can have a big garden.

Here's a little bit more about me:

Likes: My husband Jared, my babies, the kids, my family, good friends, taking pictures, natural child birth, babywearing, vegan food, dark chocolate, good hair cuts, online shopping, beans, red cabbage, a hot bath, music with good lyrics, high-thread count sheets, Jane Austen books and movie adaptations, ice cream, Cafe Rio salads, shoes, my bed, clothes, hot tamales, blogging!

Dislikes: jelly beans, laundry, taking out the garbage, calling strangers on the phone, doing my hair, stupid drivers, bad acting