Monday, September 15, 2008

oh the dilemma

Some of you may recall that I have been wanting a digital SLR camera for the past year or so. I had decided upon the Nikon D80 and began saving my pennies. My dad chipped in a nice chunk of change for my birthday in January. Finally last spring I ordered it. But then it was on back order and I ended up cancelling the order. Anyway, with all the drama of the summer, I never got my camera. These things are not cheap and it's been hard for me to drop that kind of change. But now I'm actually really glad I didn't even though now I have a dilemma.

A couple weeks ago Nikon released the D90. And my oh my, it is sweet! It is the updated D80 with a very huge difference--- you can shoot video! Yeah, you can make movies on this thing. It is the only SLR that does that. Now for the dilemma... should I get the D90 which with the kit lens costs $1300 or should I get the MUCH cheaper D40 for around $500? At this point, I'm not even interested in the D80 anymore. The D40 is a smaller SLR but it would certainly keep me busy honing my photography skills for now and it's WAY cheaper. Then maybe I'd get the next updated version of the D90 in a few years. Or should I could just go for the D90 now and not have to get another camera for a long time. Plus, we want a video camera, and with the D90 we wouldn't need to buy a separate one.

What should I do? I've been going back and forth for days.

Here is a little preview from some Brits in London.

And here is a longer video from a professional photographer that got to test the D90 with his staff.

Plus you can check out Nikon's website for lots of info on this. It is so cool!


  1. Ok, I just read some reviews on this camera and I hate to say it, but if it were me...I'd get the D90. From what I just read it takes very good video - and as someone who drags around both her huge camera and a camcorder, it's anoying!

    I own the D40x, and don't get me wrong, it takes AMAZING photos. I'm not a professional and for my hobby I do just fine. Here are some things to consider:
    1)I couldn't live without my Nikkor 55mm - 200mm lens. How else would I take close ups at the rodeo? I got one for $700.
    2)I couldn't live without Photoshop. $650. Honestly, the difference it makes is unbelievable.
    3)I love my tripod!

    So yeah. It seems like I just gave you two conflicting pieces of info, but it's info nonetheless! Good luck!

  2. Since you have 1 baby of your own, and 3 young step children, I'd say go for the cheaper one. That way, if one of the kids accidentally drops it and breaks it, it isn't the end of the world. Besides, cameras are like computers and are outdated so quickly. I can't imagine spending $1,300 on a camera! Wowzers! I didn't even know they had hobbiest cameras that were that expensive.

  3. I have a nikon D50 and really like it.

  4. I say get the is my logic. There are few things that are more important to me than preserving memories. Yes it is a lot of money, but what else would you spend the money on that would as valuable? It will probably just get nickled and dimed away on gas or groceries. Finally, if you buy the camera, is it going to impact your life in a way that is if you buy it will it make a big enough difference in your finances that you won't be able to do something like buy a house or car? Probably not. I bet after you have it, you won't even notice the money is gone, but you will be so glad that you can take such amazing photos and video of your kids.

    That is what I have been telling myself anyway;)

  5. Interesting question. I LOVE taking photos, and I always wish I had a better camera. But at the same time, I can't justify buying a super nice one because the one we have does work just fine. It's not an art-quality camera, it's almost four years old, but then again, I'm not an artist. So for me, there are lots of other things that I would rather spend $1300 on (like saving for college for the kids or a really exciting family vacation).

    But then again, I don't particularly care about taking videos, mostly because I don't see the point of taking videos that nobody ever really watches again (at least in my family). But if you really like videos, then maybe the D90 would be worth it.

    Bottom line: I wouldn't go for the super-expensive one (1300 just seems like a LOT for something that's more for fun/hobby than profession), but that's just me!

  6. hmm. I have self conflicting thoughts. I have my eye on a certain Canon but an SLR that does both-nice. Our digital has video also and its SUCH a nice feature. When I think of having an SLR (someday) I think I will also have to get another video cam. (Or just get the D90!) I LOVE not having to have 2 cameras.

    So part of me says if you can't fork over the money, do it. Its nice to have the nicest and not have to upgrade later-which it sounds like you would.

    On the other hand I hate paying a high price for something knowing it will go down in a few months...

    How's that for conflicting ideas?

  7. Thanks for all the input ladies. I appreciate it. I'm still going back and forth. It is a lot of money for the D90 but this is something I've been saving for and really really want. Photography is something I feel pretty passionate about and I really want to get better at. I'd love to be able to do some photography professionally part-time someday. So I really do feel like buying a nice camera is an investment that I won't regret. I want to preserve all the wonderful moments of my family. And hopefully be able to help other families preserve theirs someday too. Oh, and in response to something Autumn said, the price of the D90 will not go down in a few months. These cameras pretty much hold their value until the upgrade comes out which will be at least 2 years and even then the price doesn't drop tons.

  8. i would be more scared of dropping it myself then letting the kids drop it! :) i'm clumsy and can't be allowed to much contact with cool technology.

  9. get the will want the video camera and it's a two in one..think of it that way.

    more pics of your kids please:)

  10. I own the D40 and my only problem with it is that it doesn't have the connection necessary to make any lens auto-focus, which with kids would be really important. It's not necessarily a huge deal, as long as you make sure all of your lenses are AF-S.

    I have a 50 mm fixed lens that I absolutely LOVE, but I can't use it for a lot because I can't auto-focus it. With the 18-55 and 55-200, they have the computer built in to the lens, but if you ever want to save money and purchase a non-Nikkor lens (Tamron makes great lenses that are much more affordable than the Nikkors), you will want something better than the D40. I bought mine about 1.5 years ago (so I paid too much) and I am about ready to sell it and upgrade because I hate that one little limitation.

    Even if you bought the D40, I wouldn't let the kiddies play with it (which I'm guessing isn't in your plans).

    I know it's a big expense, but think of all the money you'll save but not having to pay for professional shots.

    Okay, there's two cents (and then some) from a random blog stalker...for what it's worth.