Thursday, September 18, 2008

i did it!

After days (or rather months with breaks here and there) of stewing, after staying up way too late last night reading reviews and getting up way too early this morning still stewing, I made my decision and finally did it. I ordered my camera! It is now on it's way to me as we speak via UPS. And you can bet I'll be tracking that sucker all the way to my front door! Oh man, I am so excited I couldn't even take a nap today because my brain wouldn't turn off. I kept imagining holding that camera in my hands and figuring out all it's magic and taking beautiful photos of my beautiful baby with lightening fast shutter speed and perfect sharpness. And let us not forget the movies! Because that's right folks, I splurged and got the D90. I just know I am not going to regret it.

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