Tuesday, March 1, 2011

be inspired

I saw this on facebook today and shared it there, but had to post it to my blog as well. What an inspiration this man is. He feeds the homeless, ill, old, and forgotten members of his society. He bathes them and cuts their hair. He loves them when no one else does. Sounds like someone else who lived a couple thousand years ago, doesn't it? This man is also a Brahmin, the upper caste, so he shouldn't even touch the people he's caring for.

EDIT: Jared put this in the comments, but I wanted to add it here too so you all see it. You can donate to this man's organization here: http://www.akshayatrust.org/

Not sure why its cropped the way it is but you won't really miss anything.

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  1. So touching. What a beautiful example of living the truest form of religion. You can donate to his cause here: http://www.akshayatrust.org/