Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We've been on a whirlwind entertaining streak the past week. Had dinner guests 3 out of 5 days! Very fun but also kinda exhausting. My house has stayed cleaner than usual so that's nice.

I had an excellent birthday which I will elaborate on in its own post once I've gone through photos. Jared really made my day wonderful.

Spent the last two Tuesday nights with this lovely lady doing some knitting. I started a baby blanket for Miriam when I was pregnant and never finished it... never even came close to finishing it. After she was born I didn't pick it up at all. I'm hoping having a designated knitting night will mean getting it done. Plus, I'm hoping Olya's mad skills will rub off on me, and I'll actually learn to knit more than just straight rows.

Did a maternity shoot yesterday for the woman whose birth I'll be photographing in a few weeks. She just found out her baby is breech! Boy do I  know how she feels. I really hope her little guy flips so they can do their scheduled birth center birth.

My fabulous visiting teachers took me to lunch today at Cafe Rio. Yum! Good conversation too.

Been reading Carol Lynn Pearson's No More Goodbyes. Excellent read full of much wisdom and poignant stories of gay Latter-day Saints. I heart CLP.

It's freaking freezing here right now. And most of the snow is gone which is annoying. If its gonna be cold, there should be snow! My parents are in Big Sky, Montana right now and its been like -30! Craziness. The good news? We've been inversion-less the past few days which is wonderful. Friday when I was driving home I could not see the mountains at all the smog was so bad! Worst thing about living in SLC=Inversion

I have really sweet children. Not only do they think I'm the coolest person on the planet, they adore each other. I love that they are starting to play together more.

Also, I changed the font on my blog. There are lots of new options now. What do you think? One of these days I will get around to making a new header.


  1. I've been having so much fun with our knitting nights, and meeting you in person has been such a treat these past couple of weeks :)

    Good luck with the photo shoots! I hope I can find some births to photograph too, I miss doing it, and witnessing new babies coming into this world.

    That book sounds wonderful. Did you check out from the library? I'd love to read it some day.

    (I love new font on your blog, clean and easy to read :)

  2. Olya, I don't know if the library has it. If not, you can borrow my copy when I'm done. I own it.

    Glad you like the font!