Friday, January 28, 2011

happy friday

It's Friday and we have a fun, busy weekend planned. Tonight we are having some friends over for dinner which I'm excited about. And then tomorrow is my birthday! Dude, I'm turning 28. 28! Two more years until 30. Very crazy.

As I was driving home from book club last night I was pondering on this fact and realizing that 28 is adult land. I was trying to really embrace the reality that I am an adult. It still feels weird. I think I'm starting to get there though. For years I felt like I was 17. That was my age in my head. Then after I graduated from college and got married it was 23. I think I'm on a 5-6 year cycle or something because I think I might be able to embrace 28. I'll probably hold on to this age for awhile now. :-) Am I making any sense? Does anyone else do this?

I'm not sure what all we are doing tomorrow. Jared has some surprises for me. Sunday night we are having some family over for dinner and cake. I think it is going to be a good birthday weekend.

And that colorful rug Miriam is laying on in the photo is my present from my parents. I love it! I'll post pictures of it soon.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I am exactly the same way about the age thing! For years I was 26...and then I had the Boy. And I think it has something to do with how rapidly they change and grow, but every year it seems like I've aged a decade. But on my good days, when I get stuff done and I feel like I'm being a good wife and good mother and I get to have good conversations, then I feel like I'm 26 again.

    The funny thing is, my sister remembered my birthday this year but had no idea how old I am! She said, "I don't know, in my head you're still 26!" I cracked up laughing. It was awesome.

    I hope you have an awesome birthday! I can't wait to see what Jared makes for you, he always makes you awesome food!

  2. I've always lived in a time warp since I got married. I could never figure out how old I was since I got married so young, that everyone my actual age seemed a ton younger, and everyone in my same stage of life was older. It was weird when I finally had missionaries over for dinner and I was OLDER than them! Crazy stuff.
    Happy birthday! I'll be having the 28th this year too. You'll have to tell me if it feels good. :)
    p.s. I had to come search here the other day when I bought a baby carrier at the second-hand store. It was a Beco, which I didn't know anything about, but as I was hoping--found out about it here!

  3. I'll be turning 30 this year, and I still can't wrap my head around it. I mean, really? I feel 24-25 at the most. I think raising little human beings every day will do that to you. There's no time to stop and think how 'grown up' you are, whether people your age normally go to dance clubs, or cocktail parties. All you get to do is lose yourself in caring for someone else.

    Boy, it sounds like I need to go get a life outside of home :) But it's all good, now is the time to lose yourself, later will be the time to be a little more selfish and grown-up ;)

  4. Love that rug!! I'm also a bumGenius mommy... yay!

    Just stopped on your blog from Kristal's. Love your photos... think I'll be back soon ;)

  5. Hope it was a fabulous birthday weekend beautiful! Ah adult-land...I really like it. I think in some ways I've waited all my life to be old. I'm really luving the 30's. Adoring Miriam and the new run! xoxo

  6. I do that too Katrina. I still think I am 22 (not 25...soon to be 26!)

  7. My husband held onto 28 in his mind for years. His family finally told him he needed to move up in age, so he decided 29 was good. When we started dating, I was 28, so that worked, but by the time we got married, I was 30, so I told him he just has to just age with me. Its not like I feel a huge shift (or any shift, for that matter) when another birthday rolls along, but I try to acknowledge that each year there has been change, progress, forward motion. So I guess I'm getting better at accepting the official number of years that I am, but each year I have to shift my thinking. Like, thirty is really great. I didn't think at twenty five I'd feel that, but I do. (Hope that makes sense.)