Thursday, February 3, 2011

cast iron lovin'

For Christmas this year we decided we really wanted to get some cast iron skillets. Our big non stick skillet that we purchased last fall for 15 bucks at Costco was starting to die. I feared whatever strange chemicals had been leaking into our food because of it. I knew a well seasoned cast iron skillet is beautifully non-stick and healthy. Cast iron cookware even ups the iron content of your food! Oh, and if you take are of them they last forever! What is not to love?

So I hopped on over to my favorite online boutique--Amazon--and found this lovely little beauty for under $15. And this one which is huge and just what we needed to cook our giant meals. We wanted both a big one and a little one. We decided to get the little one to try out first and make sure we really liked it.

We fell in love! Oh my gosh, I did not know that food would actually taste better cooked on cast iron! And although it takes a little getting used to after growing up with non-stick Calphalon type stuff, they really are very easy to use and clean. I found this great little article with info about taking care of cast iron. Go get one yourself--I think you'll love it!

Roasted root veggies and quinoa in our giant skillet. Yum!


  1. Thanks for the article! I got the same skillet and I want to make sure I don't screw it up :).

  2. oh, we love ours too. we have same skillet and a bigger one, they are our go-to cookware. we've been using them for over a year now and I can't imagine cooking going back to non-stick, ever (yuck). Besides, properly seasoned cast iron is non-stick as well :)

    (I want that quinoa recipe)

  3. How about a post about that yummy looking quinoa! PLEASE ;)

  4. All we use in our house is cast iron! I'm a regular lurker, but came out of lurkdom to comment on the fact that I would never ever ever use anything else, ever again. Even our pots are cast iron, coated in enamel. :) Glad you've found it!

  5. So glad you de-lurked, Manda! Cast iron rocks. I will never go back either!