Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a little peak at my breastfeeding project

So I'm being a bad blogger again this week. I've been working on my breastfeeding photo project. I've taken photos of 7 moms/nurslings so far. I've started editing some photos and just wanted to give you a a little peak. I'm still not sure how exactly I'll be displaying these long term. I may set up a blog for starters. We'll see. I will of course let you all know. And I'm still taking volunteers! I would especially love to photograph some younger babies. Send me an email at redbeanphoto AT gmail if you are interested!

This is my friend Rachel and her almost two year old Zoe nursing before nap time.
I love these tender moments we get to share with our little nurslings.

Also I need to come up with a name for this project. I could just keep calling it the Breastfeeding Photo Project. Or I was thinking something that includes "Breastfeeding is Normal" since that is what I really want to portray. Any thoughts or ideas? I really need a name before I can set up a website or blog.


  1. that's such a beautiful photo, good job!

  2. What a sweet, gorgeous photo! Love that curly hair!

  3. What a fantastic start to a beautiful project! Love the angle, colors, everything. :) I see your tough time with a name for the project. Perhaps something with "moments" or "shared" would help. ps. thx for the lovely card...the photo is gorgeous! xoxo, trina

  4. That turned out great! Thanks again for coming down. It's nice to have a moment like that documented.

  5. "Nurturing Naturally"
    "Nourish Body and Soul"
    "To Hold and to Nourish"

    Normal just seems so...not pretty. I just can't find a way to think of it in a nice way. So prosaic for eloquent pictures. But I suppose normal is normal.

    German uses the word "stillen" for breastfeeding. It's a beautiful word for a beautiful thing. It has the sense of quieting, nourishing, becoming still, peaceful caring, holding.

  6. Kept thinking about words, so when I woke up, I got out my dictionary: Stillen: appease, gratify, quench, calm

    Probably closer to how we use the term "nurse" but which also gets used when someone is sick.

    Simply giving a child food is the term "fuettern" (feeding). Not nearly as silibant and nice sounding. ;)

  7. Oh, that is a beautiful shot. I can't wait to see more.


  8. beautiful! I love this shot so much. I am laughing a little because ours will probably look rather similar since I also only nurse my curly blond baby in bed before naps...

  9. what a beautiful image. love the angle and the whole message you've captured. beautiful work! can't wait to see more :)