Friday, April 9, 2010

28 weeks--3rd Trimester!

I entered the third trimester this week--let the countdown begin! I'm feeling really good although I must admit the past couple days I've begun to feel the beginnings of how this belly is going to start restricting my mobility. And the heartburn has started too, gosh darn it. I hate heartburn. But otherwise all is well in pregnancy land. I've also started having a few practice waves (Braxton Hicks) a day. Nothing to concern me at this point. They are hardly noticeable and give me a chance to practice my relaxation. Baby Miriam is as active as ever. She is currently breech but I have no doubts she'll get herself turned head down in the next few weeks. I've been encouraging her by doing lots of cat/cow and child's pose. I really do love being pregnant, but I'm also getting really excited to meet this little girl of ours--although not until she's at least 37 weeks! I don't need all the drama that Asher provided us by trying to come early.

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  1. I just have to say that you are SUCH an adorable pregnant lady. Some people have all the luck ;)