Monday, January 18, 2010

the belly makes it's blog debut

I'm now almost 17 weeks pregnant and loving life in the second trimester. I'm not nauseous anymore. I have more of an appetite. I'm finally beginning to look slightly more pregnant and less like I just got fat. I figured it was time to start documenting the growing belly, so I had Jared snap a pic real quick in front of my new Ikea curtains. (I need to find somewhere with better lighting to take my belly pics though.)

My belly seems different to me this time around. For one I got a pooch much quicker this time. Also, I feel like my organs high tailed it north at the first sign of uterine growth. So although I'm pretty sure my baby is still pretty low, the belly seems biggest up higher where my innards are now residing. I can still wear and zip up my normal jeans which is convenient. Gotta love the low rise pants these days. I feel like by this time with Asher I was already using the elastic trick on my pants. Probably because I was working and wearing dress pants all the time.

Speaking of Asher, he hasn't been getting as much face time around here as usual. Here's a cute one of him from this morning. This plastic dome is from a toy of Isaac's that Asher has pretty much adopted. He plays with it a lot and then loves to put this on his head and run around. We think he's pretty funny.


  1. Hey Katrina! You look so cute! I have a random question... I literally just started the Eat To Live diet today and though starting a family is a while off for me, I'm beginning to wonder about how to apply the vegetarian/vegan way of living to pregnancy. I've read that Dr. Furhman is against folic acid, whereas my dad says I can't get enough of it. I'm just curious as to what vitamins you take, foods you eat, etc. yourself during pregnancy. I've also seen things like soy infant formula...I really haven't dug deep into it all yet, but I thought I'd ask!

  2. Wait a sec, what belly?!

    Also, I've seen those curtains and have been dying for a place to put them. Too cute!

  3. Yay, I love the belly series! You look so tiny for #2. I have a colleague is currently expecting #2, and when I met her at 18 weeks I seriously thought she was due any day. Poor thing!

  4. your belly is darling!!! glad you're feeling better.

  5. as always, you make a darling pregnant lady. :-)

  6. Abby, you can totally be vegan/vegetarian while pregnant. You may have to think a little harder about what you eat, but there is no need to eat meat or dairy while pregnant. (Although I do on occasion because sometimes nothing else sounds appealing.) Check out the blog She has lots of info about being vegan while pregnant and breastfeeding. Check this out too:

    I've not heard that Dr. Furhman is against folic acid. You definitely need folic acid while pregnant. In fact you should start taking it before getting pregnant. I just take a prenatal vitamin every day and that covers it. Its good to start taking a prenatal before even trying to get pregnant. And to continue while breastfeeding.

    I don't know a lot of about formula because I've exclusively breastfed Asher, but if I had to give him formula I would probably opt for a soy based formula. Breastmilk is best though!

    If you have more questions, feel free to email me.

  7. So are you going to find out the sex before delivery or wait? Do we get to find out the sex before delivery because some folks back east might like to send you something for the squishy baby number two...