Wednesday, January 13, 2010

bullet train of thought

  • It's Wednesday already and I haven't posted this week yet. Darn it.
  • I finally sent out the rest (which means most) of our Christmas cards on Monday. I'm the worst about mailing things in the actual mail. I ordered and received the cards way back in October or November and just never sent them. I'm lame. I'm choosing to blame it on the extreme blah-ness that was pregnancy-induced nauseous Katrina for the two months before Christmas.
  • I still haven't gone through all the pics from Christmas. New goal: get them posted by the end of January.
  • For my birthday (January 29th in case you wanted to get me something) my mom said I could pick out some clothes from Boden. I got a skirt, a shirt, and a sweater. My first Boden clothes. I feel so special and British. The sweater arrived today and it is perfect. Dark gray. Warm. Soft. Stylish. Classic. It's a long cardigan so it will allow for the belly to grow.
  • Speaking of my parents, they are coming to Utah tonight. My dad is checking out a job in Logan. I'm not expecting this job to actually tempt them away from New Mexico, but they are checking it out nonetheless. Asher and I are headed up to Logan with them for a few days because we can. I've only driven through Logan once so it should be fun to see a new place. Too bad it's winter. I hear winters there are quite cold.
  • Jared is teaching two classes at Westminster College this semester, which means he actually leaves the house for work 3 mornings a week. Other than that we continue to be spoiled by how much time we spend together.
  • One of the Christmas presents Jared and I bought ourselves is a super duper soft blanket for our bed. It is seriously the softest blanket I've ever felt. We are currently using it instead of the sheet under our down comforter to that we can feel its lushness against our skin. Go to Target and get one. You will not regret. They come in all bed sizes. Just feel the blankets until you find the softest one and you'll know that's it. It makes leaving the bed extra hard though.
  • Has anyone else been following the craziness that is going on with NBC late night? I don't even watch late night TV but I am totally intrigued by this whole debacle. I think it was a super stupid move to put Jay Leno on at 10/9. I never get to watch Law & Order now because it comes on too early. Now that they realize that mistake they are messing with poor Conan. Again, I don't watch any of the shows but from a television scheduling management angle, I find it all fascinating.
  • Have I mentioned that I've been rereading the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder? I have one more to read. They are just so good. I hadn't read them since I was a kid. I loved them then and I love them now. If you've somehow managed to never read them, you should. And if you haven't read them in years, you should read them again too!
  • Asher has gone to nursery at church by himself the past two weeks. He's not technically 18 months old until the 21st but Jared and I both had to teach one Sunday so they let Asher stay. The teachers say he is really good so they don't mind that he's started going a few weeks early. He looks so little in there. I love how he runs to me when I go pick him up.
  • I was asked to sing a solo in Sacrament Meeting in a few weeks. It's been awhile since I've done that. I'm singing an arrangement of Be Still, My Soul. The arrangement is beautiful. I hope I can deliver. There are some serious high notes. If you want to listen here is a link of Christina England Hale singing the same arrangement, it is track 5. I won't be sounding as good as her however.
  • We watched 500 Days of Summer over the weekend. Very good movie. Not at all the typical romantic comedy. You should watch it. I love Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Everytime I see Zooey in something it makes me want to cut bangs again. I just love her bangs.
  • I have lots of laundry to fold and I need to pack so I better be going. Oh yeah, I need to eat lunch too. Later!


  1. hey, we watched that this weekend too! It was a good show. Not my favorite ever, but a vast improvement on the usual romantic comedy.

    Laura Ingalls Wilder--currently reading them aloud to Abigail. She loves, loves, loves those books.

    SOO jealous that you have so much time with Jared! Is this something that will last? Or will he eventually have to go to work every day?

  2. When I was pregant with Delia Steve and I reread all of the Laura Ingalls books out loud to eachother. When she got married Steve was seriously mad. He said"Well now her life is over". I was nonplussed but managed to point out that I got married and hopefully my life wasn't over. Then he said "yeah but she was so full of life and interest" and then I said. "And I wasn't." And that is my rereading laura ingalls story. Hope you are enjoying them. And for the record...I love it when she gets married!

  3. fantastic arrangement! I'm more of a choir voice :) One of my companions actually told me once that I have the perfect voice for singing my kids to sleep someday... not sure what that meant. I'm sure you'll do marvelously though. I think I've only heard you sing at Isaac's baptism, but it was beautiful. Do you have a harder time singing while pregnant? I always did... something about a little body wedged up into my diaphragm... :)

  4. Luv the sweater, what a treat. Almost as much as having your parents in town. :) Keeping my fingers crossed about your dad. And yeah yeah for nursery! So fun for Asher. luvs, trina