Tuesday, October 27, 2009

vacation pics

Way back in August, we went on a fun vacation with my family to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. I finally got around to going through the photos and posting about it. To keep my blog more organized, I went ahead and post dated it for August. So if you want to see more pretty pictures Check out my post here!


  1. we are buying a house and
    there a couple of your photos
    i'd like to purchase to and
    frame if you do that sort of
    thing. maybe you've already
    posted info about that some
    where and i missed it? just
    let me know. i'll have a little
    white guest room whose walls
    will just be begging for
    flowers on the walls :)

  2. wow. its clearly after 11pm.
    i hope you can read that. haha