Monday, August 10, 2009

Barker Family Vacation 2009

We spent a week in Jackson, Wyoming with a day spent in Yellowstone. I love family vacations. I love the gorgeous mountains. I love my family most of all.

The only downside to this trip was the crazy stomach bug we all got. I started it all the day before we left--12 hours of violent vomiting and then its done. It was horrible but at least short lived. Unfortunately, I had to do quite a bit of cleaning up after sick kids the night Jared was also sick. Amazingly, Asher never got it. I say it was breast milk immunity.

Now back to the pleasant stuff. I give you highlights of the trip.

Asher became a lover of sunglasses.

He also loved playing with Uncle Nick's computer and drawing with Uncle Nick.

Pretty flowers.

Waiting for Old Faithful.

The wind was blowing towards us as the geyser was going, blocking our view of the water. Kinda disappointing.

We ate lunch by the river in Yellowstone.

Then it was off to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone...gorgeous.



Asher going for a ride on Grandpa in Jackson.

One of the days we went white water rafting which was tons of fun but we couldn't bring cameras so there are no pictures. My dad stayed behind with Asher and took him for a ride up the tram. He took this at the top.

I've already posted this, but here is the family pic we captured via tripod and timer while there.

Much thanks to my parents for this wonderful vacation!


  1. love the ones of asher (and
    isaac) sitting in the rocks.
    his chubby little legs are so
    darling! perfection.

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!! You have KILLER pictures!!!! I can't believe how wonderful the pictures of the mountains and canyons are. I'm sooooooo impressed! Looks awesome---I want to go!

  3. p.s. Looking at the picture that's at the bottom of your blog (I hardly ever get down all the way) made me think you should grow your hair out again. Made me think I should grow my hair out again too. Unfortunately, once it gets long like that, you remember how long it takes to blow-dry, and how it ends up in a pony-tail anyway. Sigh. Gorgeous though.