Wednesday, August 26, 2009

13 months old (and 5 days)


  1. he's so, so cute. i love seeing his top two teeth.

    i always love it when i find someone who is on the same wavelength as i am about breastfeeding. i honestly don't think there is anything more precious to me about george's first two years than the time we spent together nursing, and i feel SUCH gratitude that we stayed at it as long as we did. to answer your question, yes, i was a little teary about nursing him for the last time. thinking about it being the end of that chapter with him did get me a little emotional. BUT, the overwhelming feelings that were present were gratitude for all the beautiful nursing memories and readiness to move forward. towards the end nursing did get to be a little bit more difficult and less relaxing just because george wasn't a tiny baby that fit into my arms as well any more, and also because it was getting harder and harder for him to totally relax and concentrate with me around-- he wanted to talk to me :). that is when i knew it was time. but i felt like the way weaning happened for us was ideal and exactly the way it should be-- no pain physically (my milk supply had already drastically diminished because he wasn't nursing all that often for the last couple of months), and no pain emotionally for either of us. i think i would really have struggled if he would have been sad and asked to nurse again, but i had explained to him that he was a big boy now and had prepared him for a week that his last time to nurse was coming. when it came we were both ready and he didn't ask to nurse again. anyway, sorry for the long winded response. if you have any more questions when you start getting closer to thinking about weaning asher please feel free to ask. yay for nursing!