Wednesday, August 26, 2009

monday at the art exhibit

Monday evening the kids came over for a few hours and we decided to head downtown for Family Home Evening to see the art exhibit at the Conference Center. Each year the Church has an international art competition and many of the submissions are display right now. This year the theme was "Remembering the great things of God". Click here to learn more. Here you can see all the paintings.

I really enjoyed the exhibit and the kids actually had a lot of fun too. Where there are fountains, they are happy!

I've never put a slideshow on here because I like to see all photos in the post usually, but I have a lot and don't want to do them all separately. So please enjoy the slideshow of our outing, including some of my favorites from the art exhibit.

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  1. looks beautiful. :) my grandparents live right there.... oh how I'd love to have been there to both visit and see the gallery!