Monday, March 2, 2009

new york city and boston

The first two stops on our road trip were New York City and Boston. For some reason I was not in much of a picture taking mood on this trip, so I apologize that there aren't many photos. I think the main reason for the lack of picture taking is that it was freaking freezing! It was just too darn cold to be lollygagging outside trying to get that perfect shot.

While in NYC we stayed with my dear friend, Abbey. Abbey and I went to high school together and she is pretty much one of the most talented, stylish people I know. She works for an interior design firm and just happens to be working on designing Martha Stewart's new offices. Here we are:

Our day in the Big Apple pretty much consisted of trying to stay warm, eating, and visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where I did manage to snap a few pics. Jared was in love with all the ancient stuff.

Asher had a few little breakdowns.

But mostly enjoyed the ride.

I got to see one of my all time favorite paintings by Van Gogh himself.

I also got yelled at by the security guard for standing too close to the painting. I really wasn't as close to it as I look here. I was off to the side.

Sadly, the most memorable part of our visit had to do with misreading a street sign, getting our car towed by the city of New York, and the hours it took to retrieve said car. I'm rather sick of telling the story so that will have to suffice. But I will be forever grateful to two very kind gentlemen who saved the day by giving us a ride.

Now onto Boston!
The reason for our trip was so that Jared could attend a conference at Harvard where he was presenting a paper. Asher and I went to listen to him present and then spent the afternoon with another dear, old friend, Vicki, in Boston. Vicki also put us up in her place which was wonderful! Although it was freezing, we enjoyed walking the streets of Boston, going to lunch, and doing a little shopping. We also explored the Boston public library. Which is a really cool building. Once again, however, I was not much in the mood for photos. But I did have Vic snap one of me and the Ash Man.

And here's Asher staying warm.

And of course me and Vicki, our gracious host. She was about to leave for Church, whereas I was sans makeup and about to get back in the car.

That wraps up the first half of our trip. The next stop: Jared's familial home in Upstate New York.


  1. I love how you and Asher have color coordinated green coats. Me and Avery do too (except ours are turquoise)

  2. I was looking through your pictures and your hair, especially the color, is so vibrant and pretty!
    Also, I am reading the new Bio of Ted Kennedy and TD and I spent last night calling it "Hah-vahd", heehehe.