Friday, February 27, 2009


Happy 50th Birthday to my wonderful dad!
I don't have the words to express how much my dad means to me. I really wish I could be with him today to celebrate this milestone of birthdays. But at the risk of being a bit cheesy and perhaps cliche, I am going to share 50 reasons why I love my dad (in no particular order).

1. He is a great example in so many ways.
2. His laugh--if my dad laughs out loud, than you know something is really funny.
3. He is a really hard worker.
4. He's an early riser and always gets a lot done in the morning.
5. Even though he complains about the various pets we've had through the years, deep down he really does care about them and does things like cleaning up their puke, going after them when they run away, and burying them in the backyard when they die.
6. He loves my mom.
7. He still cuddles with my mom on the couch and calls her his "girlfriend".
8. He's really handy and can fix things and build things.
9. He likes to work out and has even started doing yoga.
10. He taught me to ski.
11. He paid for many ski and other vacations.
12. He's always really supportive of me and respects my decisions.
13. The times I have seen him most mad were when one of us kids disrespected our mom in some way.
14. He's really funny.
15. He gave all of us kids nicknames and still calls us these or variations of them. I am "Bean". Lauren is "LoLo". Michael is "Bubba T. Washington." Hilary is "HilBil". And Nick is "Little Timmy."
16. He's really good at his job. I know this because people who I had no idea were his patients have told me how wonderful he is.
17. He doesn't have a bachelor's degree. (They let him into Med School after only three years of undergrad.)
18. He's ridiculously smart.
19. He always expects great things of us, but loves us just the same when we are only mediocre.
20. He is willing to take time off work to come out to NC to help us move in May. (And he already reserved the moving truck for us.)
21. He's goofy.
22. He still asks my opinion (if I'm around) on what tie to wear. He's been doing that since I was little.
23. I have his eyes and his fair skin.
24. He didn't have the easiest childhood, but he doesn't feel sorry for himself, and he overcame it to become an amazing and successful person.
25. He's VERY generous.
26. He's really fun to talk to when he's in the mood for chatting.
27. He's honest.
28. When I was very little, I asked him if Santa was real and he told me the truth.
29. He gladly accepts his role as "Wallet-Man".
30. From the time I was 12 until I left for college, he and I were in the ward choir together. I don't know that I've ever told him how much that meant to me.
31. He cries.
32. He skipped scout camp to come see Asher after he was born.
33. He LOVES being a grandpa and always asks how Asher is doing when I talk to him.
34. He is an excellent public speaker.
35. He joined the Church when he was 19 and went on a mission one year later.
36. He drives a Mini-Cooper.
37. He's adventurous.
38. He loves my husband.
39. He has a great smile.
40. He tells it like it is.
41. He believes in me.
42. He can play the guitar.
43. He loves books about historical figures and events.
44. He's loyal.
45. He has strong opinions.
46. He's very open, loving, and accepting of people.
47. He taught himself to be ambidextrous so that he could do surgeries more efficiently.
48. He's always looking for a better, faster way to get things done.
49. He's an excellent leader.
50. Pretty much, he's the best dad a girl could hope to have.

I am SO lucky! I love you, Dad! Happy Birthday!!!


  1. I always think of both of your parents as so much fun--it seems like they were always laughing and never minded having their house invaded by hordes of kids! And as one of your dad's former patients, I can attest to his great surgical skills. :-)

  2. I learned so much about your Dad! So neat about his 3 years of under grad!! And teaching himself to use both hands--love it!! I love mini coops-happy bday to him!

  3. You have his smile too. That's so great. Happy Birthday, Katrina's Dad!

  4. Your dad really is neat. And this is neither cheesy nor cliche, it's very kind. And I'll bet you made his day!

    did i use nor right? i don't know.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to a great man...Thanks for sharing!
    PS You sure do look alike!