Thursday, February 26, 2009


9 days
2000 miles
11 states
3 big cities
2 small towns
1 car towed
2 good samaritans
1 museum visited
3 best friends
2 grandparents
1 brother
1 aunt
2 uncles
4 cousins
1 warning (for allegedly running a red light--it was NOT red, but yellow)
1 drivers license misplaced
1 paper presented
Too many toll roads
2 boxes of hot tamales consumed
1 diet coke explosion
3 weary travelers so glad to be home again, and so grateful for all the fun had, friends and family visited, and sights seen.


  1. Oh my goodness. Sounds like quite and adventure! Can't wait to see some pictures!

  2. wow. sounds busy. and fun. looking forward to pictures!