Monday, December 8, 2008

twilight movie

So we just barely saw the Twilight movie on Friday, and even though I am a few weeks behind, I want to talk about it. We kept changing our minds about whether to see it in the theater after we read all the not so stellar reviews. But Jared talked me into going Friday afternoon, so off we went. Asher once again proved to be a movie buff in the making--he was very well behaved and watched a good chunk of the movie.

As for what I thought about the movie-- I should probably start with what I thought about the books. I fully acknowledge their faults, but I also totally enjoyed each of the books. They are just so darn entertaining! I went into the movie with low expectations, which I guess is the way to do it, because I did enjoy it. But it was far from perfect.

I loved the casting of Bella. Kristen Stewart was great, and I think she made Bella a more likable character than she is the books.

I also liked Robert Pattinson as Edward. I wish he had worked out some more, but I think he pulled off Edward satisfactorily.

The rest of the Cullen family was hit and miss. I really don't understand why they chose to cast brunets as characters whose most distinguishing feature is their blond hair. Rosalie was awful! That actress as a brunette is quite pretty, but with dyed blonde hair and pasty makeup she looked horrible! I guess she is friends with the director, but man, they should have just cast a gorgeous blonde model. Jasper was also pretty awful looking with his dyed blond hair, and Carlisle wasn't much better. I did like Esme, and Jasper I hardly noticed but he was fine. Alice was cute, although not as little and pixie-like as I imagined. And their makeup all around was rather overdone. It seemed to get a bit better as the movie went on, but it was just so obviously makeup. These things are all pretty easily fixed, so it annoys me that they were so off.

I loved the casting of all the Forks High students. They were very believable teenagers. I also really liked Bella's parents. Jacob was great, as were James, Victoria, and Laurent.

I have to admit I laughed a little at some of the scenes with Bella and Edward. Things got pretty darn cheesy. And there is something about being in movie form that just highlights the absurdity of Bella not being at all afraid of Edward. I mean, I don't think there is any 17 year old girl that wouldn't be a little scared to be out in the woods with a guy she barely knows who happens to be a vampire telling her how great she smells and how she could never get away from him if he decided to kill her. I don't care how hot said vampire is, or even if you thought he wouldn't hurt you, you'd still be a little scared in that situation.

Oh, and I had read elsewhere that the whole sparkling in the sun thing was pretty bad, but I actually thought they managed to pull that off. If only Robert had spent more time bulking up a little... the shirtlessness would have been so much better.

So that's my take on it. I definitely want them to make the other books into movies, and I will see those ones too. For all their silliness, these are still fun stories.


  1. I totally enjoyed the movie too. I saw the same faults you did, along with really really crappy special effects, but I think since I enjoyed the books so much, I also enjoyed the movie. And who couldn't enjoy watching Robert Paterson anyway? he he I am looking forward to them making more movies. I wonder if this one was more crappy because they weren't sure if it would actually make money or not, but since it did I wonder if they will do future ones up more?? I hope so! :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I haven't seen it yet, so it's good to know what I'll be getting into.

  3. I went in with the same low expectations. I went with my mom and sisters and we all laughed at the cheesy parts, so it was fun. I agree with you about the scenes with Bella and Edward. One scene that drove me crazy was when she was in the hospital at the end and they kept doing a close-up of her face and the oxygen tubes were over her eyes! Just pull 'em down a little! So easy to fix and you know at one point they did, 'cause it was only like that in the close-up shots! Agh!
    I didn't mind the dyed hair so much, I think they had to work with what they had. I actually think that Jasper was really cute! Alice should have been more pixie-like, like you said. But all in all, I think all the vampires were great!
    Thanks for your take, I felt pretty much the same way and I look forward to more (with bigger budgets, I hope)!

  4. Amen and amen. Although I did laugh out loud at the "sparkling" scene - I thought he looked merely sweaty.

    But I was extremely much pleased with the casting in all respects.

    However - I will say I was rather averse to Laurent being black. I'm not racist; it's a fact that vampires are PALE, BONE, ALBINO white. Just thought it was uber-weird.

  5. Thanks for the honest review. I, too, LOVE the books but haven't made it out to see the movie yet (Emmy is not so movie friendly, unfortunately:) and I've been nervous to be disappointed. But now I know what to expect and I'll be prepared. I trust your judgment. :)

  6. I agree with you. The books have so many flaws and so does the movie...but i just can't get enough!!

  7. I agree with everything you've said. Especially how I imagined everyone of the Cullens ridiculously good looking instead of pretty average. I thought the baseball was pretty well done. But what's with Jacob's nose? I found myself laughing for the first half of the book a lot. But the one shining thing about the book is the scenery of the Northwest. That was beautiul!

  8. I liked it too, but didn't love it. I expected some cheesy stuff (like the sparkling skin), but I thought they did a particularly bad job with the special effects of making them look fast (especially in the baseball game). It was entertaining though, and it made me want to read the books again, so I totally am. I'm a few hundred pages into New Moon, and they're just as good the 2nd time around :)