Friday, December 5, 2008


note: If you don't like seeing photos of cute babies or are annoyed by mothers' neurotic obsession with their offspring, this post probably isn't for you. Thanks for stopping by!

I freely admit that I am obsessed with Asher's eyes. More specifically his eye color. You see one of the fun things about me and Jared is that we have very different coloring. He has dark hair, brown eyes, and an olive complexion. Whereas I have red hair, blue eyes, and a very fair complexion. So we were excited to see what our baby would look like given that he could pretty much have any eye color or hair color. Now that Asher is here, we are still wondering what hair and eye color he's going to have. Although Asher has a hint of red to his hair in the right light he is by no means a redhead. (This does not stop people from proclaiming him as such however. I want to say to those people, if I didn't have red hair would you ever think this baby has red hair? I guess people see what they want to see.) It's still up in the air whether his hair will go light or dark. He needs to grow more before we'll know the answer to that one.

But as I said, what I am really obsessed with is his eyes. Baby eyes change during the first year of life and I keep going back and forth in my predictions for Asher. At first I thought he'd have brown because his eyes were SO dark when he was born. They were such a dark blue/grey they were almost black. But then they started to lighten up a bit and for quite awhile I called them his navy eyes. See how well they match our navy couch?
October 31

We became pretty convinced that his eyes were going to stay blue. We figured they'd keep lightening a bit and that would be that.

Then a couple weeks ago I noticed a change. Asher started to get some little streaks of brown around his pupil. At first it made his eyes look a bit green. I actually have gold around my pupil making my eyes look green sometimes, so I thought perhaps his eyes would turn out like mine. I got out the trusty camera a took some photos so I could get a real close look at his changing eye color. Click on the photo to see it big and you'll see what I'm talking about.
November 24

Now there is even more brown which makes me think Asher might be on his way to brown eyes, or maybe just some kind of hazel. I used the flash in this one so there'd be less window glare to better see the color. Again click on it to see it bigger.
December 5

Whatever color they end up being one thing we know for sure--this kid is a cutie! I am just so curious to see how they turn out!

Now if you actually read this far, I hope you'll indulge me for one more moment. I'm really curious to hear at what age your babies' eyes settled onto their true color. I'd especially like to hear from those you have brown eyed children. I find this whole change from blue to brown/green/hazel fascinating. Thanks!


  1. My two brown eyed boys had very muddy eyes from the beginning - and by the time they were Asher's age they were most definitely brown and haven't changed.

    I could tell something was different about my blue-eyed guy right away. His eyes were a LOT lighter...more like Asher's were in the beginning. Now at three the blue is darker and not so bright, but still blue. I think they'll always be bluish, but the color keeps changing.

  2. I can so relate to this. I was so curious with Zoe--considering Josh differs from my coloring by a LOT. Her skin is all mine (though she may tan easier than I do . . . she hasn't really been in the sun yet). But her eyes are anyone's guess. They were the slate blue/gray when she was born and they've only gotten lighter since then. But they're not a light blue. They seem to have settled on a kind of gray blue shade that looks deep blue if there is light in them or if she's wearing blue. But since they're still darker than most "blue eyed" kids (like Avery, for example), I keep thinking they'll change to brown. I know they can change up to a year or even beyond.

    Anyway, I'm interested to see what comments you get!

  3. Of my three children, one is a blue-eyed blond, and the other two have dark hair and eyes. My brown-eyed kids were born with eyes so dark you couldn't discern a pupil--it was a little disconcerting. But my blue-eyed baby was born with light eyes from day one. By the time he was three weeks old the color was deep blue and stayed that way.

    I'll be interested to see how Asher's eyes look in a year (translation: keep posting pictures of your cutie. :) )

  4. It's taken about a year and a half--with both of my girls--for their eyes to fully change. Both girls had blue eyes for the first year, then blue-gray for another six months, and they finally settled into brown (with Abigail) around 19 months. Juliet's are still dark blue-gray, but I'm guessing hers will keep darkening up (she's 16 months now).

  5. My husband and I both have blue eyes and so does Buttercup. Fiona was born with the biggest bluest eyes ever. When she was about 18 months I looked at her one day and she had green eyes. It was the weirdest thing. We made it a running joke with her when she was little. We would ask her where she got them if everyone else in the family has blue eyes. She would always say, Heavenly Father gave them to me. I wonder if she will still say that.

  6. very interesting!! Its great that you've been paying such attention. I don't think I looked for streaks near pupils! I'm so glad you've captured this!

  7. Well neither me or Trav has blue eyes or red hair, and Avery has both (well, not exactly red hair...its more golden but more red then either of us). I love her coloring. We thought for sure she'd have brown eyes since we both do and we kept waiting and waiting for them to change but they just keep getting lighter and lighter. My eyes are kind of golden hazel. They turned more that way when I was about 8-10 months old my mom said. Oh also, lots of babies who eventually have blond hair have kind of a reddish tint to their hair as babies. I don't know why, but after seeing lots and lots of new babies I can say that for sure.

  8. aw. so fun! i can't wait for
    my sweet boy to get here.

  9. He is adorable...first off. Secondly, as bad as it sounds I really don't remember when Jackson's eye's finally settled into their true color. I remember asking questions like you are to other moms that were in my position now and when they would say they couldn't remember I was shocked! I couldn't believe they would remember such things, but truly I give them all a lot of slack now. I know exactly how it is and for some reason you just don't remember everything as much as I wish I did. I am going to be a lot better with this next baby and I am going to write more things down as they happen. :) I do know for sure that by 18 months Jackson's eyes were definitely green, but I am not sure when it really came and stayed.

  10. "Grandma Sue"December 8, 2008 at 2:42 PM

    Maybe he'll just have Hazel eyes like his grandma!!!!

  11. There was never much of a question of what our kids eyes would turn out to be... I have hazel/green eyes and my husband has hazel/blue eyes, so we figured they would have some kind of hazel. Of course Joey was baby blue eyed when he was born, like most babies, and I figured they would change some, but never really paid much attention. Well, the other day I was comparing his eyes with Savanna's now baby-blue eyes and was shocked to see they have taken on more of a hazel-greenish hue. It is a fun thing to watch - I'm excited to see how Savanna's will turn out. Too bad we don't have a chance of brown.. I do love brown eyes!