Thursday, December 4, 2008

mya and beckham

I know I've been bombarding my blog with photos this week, but that's what I've been doing, so that's what you get.

Today I photographed two adorable kids--Mya and Beckham. They are our upstairs neighbors and their mom was hoping for a nice Christmas card photo. Seeing as how they are 1 and 3, sitting still together and smiling for the camera were not high on their priorities, but I think we still got some fun photos of two beautiful kids.

And now I know why my wedding photographer only made like three of our wedding photos black and white--red hair is really fun to photograph and much better appreciated in color!


  1. Your photos are beautiful - You are going to be VERY good at this!

  2. I love them. The children are darling (which helps for good pictures), but you did a wonderful job capturing them. way to go! i need more people to let me practice on their children. so fun!

  3. so cute!! I LOVE the top one-red on green--so striking. And of course the bottom one-and the one with sister in the background. dahhhling

  4. LOVE that last one!!!
    You are really amazing at this, really good eye!