Monday, December 1, 2008

it's in the genes

Asher's cuteness that is.

I've been meaning to post this for a long time and am finally getting around to it. I had Jared scan these photos of both of us as babies. I tried to find similar photos of Asher to see which one of us he looks like.

First up, Daddy:
What a sweet little baby. This is the only baby photo we have of Jared here.
(I shall apologize now for the unbalanced nature of this post due to this fact.)

And here's brand new baby Asher:
I'm kicking myself that I didn't take a photo of Asher more like the one of Jared, but I think you can still definitely see the resemblance between father and son.

Now it's Mommy's turn. We happen to have lots of baby pictures of me so we have several options.

This one is when I was just a day old and already smiling!

Here is one of Asher's early smiles:
And here's another:

Another one of Mommy:

And another of Asher:

Mommy again.

Asher again.

And because this baby is so darn cute, here's one more:When Asher is sitting up on his own I'll take one like this of him.

So what's the verdict? Does Asher have more of Mommy or Daddy?

Personally, I see a lot of me in him when he smiles, but otherwise I see a lot of Jared. I think that although his individual features are more like Jared's, the shape of his face and how his features are arranged is more like me.

Can you tell I've spent a lot time analyzing my son?


  1. I think he looks so much like you. Those dimples are to die for!

  2. Ahhh, one of the best parts of motherhood is staring at the beautiful new baby. We all do it (the analyzing too!)

    I have to say, he looks quite a bit like you!

  3. I think he looks more like you. lucky lil guy! (though looking like jared is not necessarily a bad thing, either!)

  4. I definitely think he looks a lot like you, but his eyes and nose look more like Jared to me. Of course I'm terrible at the look-a-like game. lol

  5. I think he looks like you! but then I've always sort of thought that he looks more like you...

  6. I think he looks more like you, hands down. Loved seeing all of those baby pics of you too, especially that last one where you're sitting up... so darling!

  7. its definitely you. if i wasn't sure
    before, the baby pictures give you
    away. we have baby pictures of both
    stephen and i, in the same style as
    jared's picture. i'm thinking of framing
    them for the baby's room :)

  8. Hum, I think I have to vote for Mommy. Glad to see that you are all doing well back in NC. We miss you guys tons!

  9. He's an exact replica of you, which I think is totally fair since you're the one who carried him for 9 months.

  10. Katrina you were such a darling baby!! Oh my gosh those were so fun. I never can tell too much even with the baby right next to the parent. From the photo comparisons though I think you definitely take the cake. (Jared feel free to dig up some more evidence to help your case.)

  11. I'd say he looks like his mama for sure