Tuesday, September 2, 2008

what do you think about palin?

*I really do want to know what you think. Our TV died and I'm having CNN withdrawal. Since I don't get to watch all the pundits debate the issue, I need you! Spill your political guts!

Ah, politics. Exciting stuff sometimes. Most of the time pretty lame. But I'm curious what all you ladies out there think about McCain's VP pick Sarah Palin. She's a woman which is cool, but is he just trying to get the Hilary folks? She's young and attractive and rather inexperienced, but so is Obama. She's a working mother of five kids, including an infant with Down Syndrome and a 17-year-old unmarried pregnant daughter. She certainly has a lot on her plate!

I think there is a whole lot to like about Palin, but I do think it is a risky choice. I see why he did it and it could be brilliant, but it's also risky. I think she'll be great on the campaign trail but what does she bring to the job if McCain is elected?

So what do you think? Is this a good choice? Does it make you like McCain more or less? Do you care about VP picks? Do you think Palin as a mother of young children is taking on too much as this article suggests? How do you feel about the fact that she went back to work 3 days after giving birth to a special-needs baby? Do you think she's ready to be President should something happen to McCain if he is president?


  1. I just finished reading a back issue of The Atlantic (while I was running, so I don't know if I'll make sense since it's hard to focus a lot while I run) talking about the Obama/Hilary debacle, so this is on my mind!

    Here's my take: I feel like McCain is trying to pander to the masses too much with picking Palin. Sort of like: Hey women! The Dems won't give you a woman in power, but I will! Oh, and she's young, so it's okay that I'm old! Which would work better, I think, if Palin didn't seem so inexperienced. It makes me feel sort of insulted that he was going for a woman candidate and this where he ended up. Which isn't to say that Palin isn't capable--obviously she must be a master at multi-tasking, but it makes me even LESS likely to vote for McCain (is that possible?) because I think there's a good chance that he would die and leave us with a very inexperienced woman whose family is probably a full-time job anyway. As someone who believes very strongly that your children need their mother as an active participant in their lives, I don't think a woman with five children--one with special needs--whose unwed teenager is about to have a baby--is in a place where she can or should devote 100% of her attention to the country. And maybe as VP she wouldn't need to do that, but what if she ends up as President?

    But then again, I really like Obama, so I'm a bit partial that way. Seriously, his speech at the convention? Amazing. Talk about fabulous rhetoric.

  2. Politics definitely exciting! I most definitely care who the VP pick is.

    I have my share of research to do on Palin indeed and will certainly have to post my findings on my blog when I do it.

    I feel strongly about a mom being with her kids for sure. I know other moms feel strongly about working out and in the home at the same time. I do realize however that just as strongly as I feel about staying home, its possible for her (or other work-outside-of-home moms) to feel equally as strong about fulfilling their passion on the political level. Obviously your circle of influence has more boundaries when rocking the cradle-though that is certainly important as my profession of choice indicates! :)

    Returning to work 3 days after having a baby? I couldn't do it. And still, I might think "I couldn't have a baby with Downs Syndrome." Maybe it was her way of coping with an incredible weight to bear? Who knows.

    For sure having a pregnant 17 year old daughter represents a major mistake on the daughter's part. But assuming Palin isn't going to parent the child, I'm not sure she'd devote any more time to her daughter than she would with a 25 year old having a baby? I don't how this could stir so many waters? I'd certainly hope she takes time off to see the baby, as I would hope the Pres would too if he had a new grandbaby.

    I highly disagree with Rachael's take on devoting 100% of your attention to the country. If this is truly how it should be, we should have a president with no social or family ties. Really-should a president not court his wife, read books to his kids, and take time to see his parents? I couldn't disagree more. I think anyone who devotes 100% of their attention to anything is doomed to failure. Balance, right?

    Its going to be an intense few months until November. I really enjoy hearing the thought processes and nitty gritty details behind political views.

    You said a few times that this VP pick is risky. Why?

  3. Rachael-- yes, Obama's speech was amazing. He has a gift.

    Autumn to answer your question-- I think Palin is risky because she is young and inexperienced and if she doesn't really shine McCain is left looking like an idiot. Also because choosing her is pandering and I think some voters, as Rachael demonstrated, will be insulted by that. But I also think it's making a lot of people take a closer look at McCain. It certainly got my attention. But I can't also help feeling like its all a stunt.

  4. My comment doesn't have an intellectual spine -- I just don't have a great feeling about her (and I know that's a really nebulous thing to say about a political candidate.) I think her priorities are seriously misaligned. I think she's missing the ol' "Time and Season" principle. Doesn't appear that this is a good time or season for her to be devoting herself to politics. It's hard for me to rally behind someone who I think is neglecting her most important role so blatantly. Call me old fashioned (I am), but I think that someone who has chosen to be a mother (5 times over) should follow through with that commitment and focus her efforts on her still-needy family.

  5. I can't say I know much about Palin - obviously she hasn't been around much – hence the inexperienced. I have been listening to talk radio for the past couple of days trying to get info on the whole thing - of course it is a bit bias but i am going with it as I hear – but that is what the media is ALWAYS doing - forget the facts (ok that is not the question at hand ).
    I think Palin is an interesting pick - I agree it might be some sort of stunt (but that seems to be the theme of these elections). It is probably a shot at appealing to the masses - but of course McCain is going to try and appeal to the masses that is what politics are! Obama does have charisma coming from every pore to the point that he can say things i down right disagree with and i still like him (that is a gift)- so maybe McCain is trying to find someone to appeal in that same arena - she's an attractive young woman - who is driven you have to give her that.

    As far as the mother thing - it is hard to say what she should be doing - if I were her i would want to be home with my children especially an infant - but do not neglect the fact that her husband is a stay at home dad - it isn't like they are having children and then society takes care of them - their family is just not the typical arrangement – but I think these questions should not be the ones we are focusing on right now – we need to find out more about her in politics – I want to know what she has done in Alaska and what she thinks we should be doing in the future.

    So it looks like no matter which side we are voting for we will have an inexperienced option – but there is a difference in VP and President. But i just haven't figured out this whole election this year - who ever we elect will probably not stay on longer than 4 years - because this is going to be one rough term!

  6. Both VP picks have made me wince. I really like Palin and respect her, but I'm one of those old-fashioned women who think children are the mom's first priority. But, I have to admit that she's accomplished a lot, and that her husband is doing the stay-at-home thing.

    This election is a hard one for me. I come from a red state and a red family, but moved to Canada where I see firsthand the vital benefits of government provided healthcare and their perspective on being peacekeepers. It's made me a mix of blue and red.

    With that said, I like Obama for his healthcare beliefs and a few other things. But with what is going on in Russia and Georgia right now, I feel way more inclined to trust McCain, since he's a proven war hero with a firsthand view of international issues. Honestly, I wish they could just run together so we could get the best of both worlds.

  7. I think Palin seems very normal, straight forward and is family oriented, which is appealing. However, the fact is that McCain is no spring chicken and could pass on while in office. I don't think I want a person who got her first passport 2 years ago to be running the country and it's international affairs. The state she governs is smaller than many cities and the issues get more complicated when you add more people into it. Obama may not have a lot of experience, but he has more schooling and has had more responsibilities than Palin.

    I feel that choosing her was a rash decision by McCain (whom I do like) aimed at pandering towards conservatives and women, but in the end Palin has little political substance.

  8. Palin? I think she rocks. To say she is lacking experience or has little political substance is down right silly. (Especially if you are setting the experience standard at Obama.) She has actually accomplished a lot of reform and change in her years as mayor and governor. Also, I personally think her speech blew Obama's out of the water. That's my two cents.

  9. Palin for President! Okay, I'm not usually a blog commenter, but I feel I owe it to my PoliSci degree and my passion of politics to voice my opinion on the matter. I absolutely love this woman. I don't think McCain could have chosen a better running mate strategically. He is not pandering to Hillary supporters as has been suggested - Hillary lovers do not love Palin. This moose stew eating, pro-life believing conservative is not their cup of chai so to say. McCain is using Palin's winning wit and charm not to appeal to the fairer sex per se, but rather to the masses - the average American - and I think she does.

    Believe me, I haven't been thrilled about McCain (of course I would never vote for Obama), but Palin has totally reenergized me and the rest of the Republican party during this election. I think she is very likely of getting those undecided voters to help tip the scales in the GOP's favor.

    I completely agree with Kim above (though I don't know her) that Palin's speech rocked Obama's. I just don't think he's that charismatic. I'm really not trying to offend those who support him, but I personally think he's a big farce (plus I disagree with pretty much every stance he has). Furthermore, I am really surprised that so many of the comment authors on your blog have criticized the fact that Palin is a working mom given their otherwise seemingly liberal leanings. She is not L.D.S. so I do not think it's fair to hold her to our standards of familial roles. I would much rather have a lady like her in Washington representing women and mothers than one who has had no children. The fact that she is a mother of a special needs child means that people with disabilities will have a strong advocate on their side within the presidency. The fact that she is the mother of a U.S. troop means that she knows those men and women in uniform are not just nameless soldiers fighting in Iraq and she will be looking out for their best interest as well as the country's.

    Anyway, I don't think Obama's Ivy League education qualifies him anymore then her. I think her executive experience actually qualifies her more. Sure it's been over a smaller body of people, but this only means that she has not been stained by Washington partisanship and corruption. To me, Palin is a breath of fresh air in a stagnant election and I can't help but smile and breathe it all in.

    (Besides, I'm just happy Tina Fey has an excuse to make a cameo on SNL with a prom 'do this season. :) Can't wait!)

  10. This Palin debate is driving me nuts. The feminists criticize her as inexperienced and say she should be with her family...like that's where they are...

    I'm a stay-at-home mom and even though Gov. Palin made a different choice, she shares my values. Should I not vote for her because people who despise everything I believe in think SHE should be at home with her kids so THEY can run the country?

    The media is constantly talking down to her. Did you notice how the commentators kept pointing out how the speech-writers had changed the speech to suit her specifically, like every other politician in any party wasn't also following a script?! The media is also happy to promote completely false notions without any apparent sense of responsibility. News Week and The New York Times have had to retract statements they've made about her, to name just a couple.

    Look. It can be one of two ways as I see it: 1) You're a real life feminist who believes that women should be able to choose what is best for them and their families without feeling a need to judge that decision by the varying standard of your own individual choices. Why do working moms and SAHM's feel so threatened by each other, anyway? 2)You're the kind of intellectual elitist feminist who believe a woman's personal choices are her own as long as they coincide exactly with your own views--i.e..You can choose to work, but choosing NOT to work is a slap in the face to all the women who came before you. Puh-lease.
    If you're a real feminist, Sarah Palin's gender is entirely beside the point and her character and policy are center stage.

    NOBODY would call a liberal democratic woman candidate a "cheerleader", "good-looking", or "homecoming queen." Nancy Pelosi isn't an ugly lady, but I've never heard anyone demean her place in politics in any way by copping to her physical appearance. Can you imagine what the liberal press would do with that?!
    In summary, kill the double standard. VP is a big job. So is being a teacher or working 3 jobs or anything else. One news guy got it right. (Yay PBS!) Every person who pursues politics at a national level is choosing their career or country over their family and they know it. I haven't heard anyone criticize Obama or his wife for the exact same decision. I don't think we have a right to second guess Palin for choices we (as a culture, at least) applaud in other, more private sectors. It's especially odious that it's the elitist feminists criticizing a self-made career woman for doing exactly what they say everyone else should do. Maybe they just can't handle a strong woman who has the audacity to disagree with them.