Friday, September 5, 2008


Note 1. On Sarah Palin. I like her. She's likable. She did a good job with her speech the other night. Do I agree with all her politics? No. Will she make me vote for McCain? Probably not. But I do like her. And how cute is her baby? It was fun to see her family on the stage with her after her speech.

Note 2. On babywearing. I'm a fan. My baby is very happy when held. I think he gets bored when he's hanging out by himself. Heck, he even gets bored when he's just with me sometimes and I'm not paying enough attention to him or not moving around. And then he thinks he must scream to get my attention. I recently ordered a Hotslings. I'm excited to try it out. I'll let you know what I think.

Note 3. On post-partum check up. I went to the doctor today. Things are good. I'm glad I don't have to go the doctor again for like another year! (barring illnesses or something) Also, glad that my body lost the baby weight without any effort on my part. Good job, body! Before I got pregnant I was convinced I'd probably get huge during pregnancy and have a hard time losing the weight after. How nice that my body has recovered well. Unfortunately, weight loss doesn't equal toned. I have one squishy belly! Nor does it equal the same pants size. My favorite jeans definitely don't fit me yet. Time to start working out again.... sigh.

Note 4. On sleeping baby. Asher is actually asleep in his bassinet! That's a rare occurance around here. How nice it is to be able to type with both hands!

Note 5. On Costco. I love that place. I really love their cheese pizza. Have you tried it? So delish and cheesy and huge! And it has the perfect crust--crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Also I love their chocolate/vanilla swirl frozen yogurt. It was especially good when I had it on Tuesday.

Note 6. On smiling babies. Is there anything in life better than a smiling baby? I think not. Mine has been smiling up a storm this week and it melts my heart every time. He even smiled at Dr. S today which was super darling. He's already a charmer.


  1. I know this is shallow...

    Sarah Palin has funny hair. Why does she always look like she is ready for the Prom?

    I like her too b¥ the way.

  2. McCain is NOT my fav person in the world but I'll vote for him. What is about Obama that gets your attention?

    I didn't wear Ellie too much but it was more b.c when I did I have a certain spot in my back that always hurts at any strain. :( She definitely would have preferred it though-lots of holding instead. I've been wondering how cloth diapers are going? Note #6? :)

  3. Your smiley baby is darling:) Glad he's sleeping.
    ps...I really liked Palin:)

  4. I absolutely love the Costco swirl yogurt! My sister and I split one the other day, and it hit the spot.

  5. Oh, Katrina - he is a little doll baby - how sweet!

    Glad to hear all is well with the two of you. Take care -Kellan

  6. The only thing I've found that's better than the "baby smiles" is "baby giggles"...all I have to do is hear the faintest hint of one and my stress is gone.

  7. That baby is growing fast! So cute -- thanks for sharing! "3"