Monday, September 8, 2008

craigslist love

Who doesn't love Craigslist? Craig, you are a genius. What a fantastic way to use the internet. The past couple weeks I had some great success.

Exhibit A.
Baby swing for Asher. 20 bucks. Picked it up 5 minutes from my house. Lovely.
He won't stay in it for long periods of time, but it has allowed us some nice time to ourselves when he's in his tired fussy mood. In fact, he is sleeping in it right now.

Exhibit B.
Remember how I mentioned that our TV died?
This TV was given to me 4 years ago by my parents after they moved and didn't have room for it in the new house. It went with me to several places I lived in Utah and then came out here to NC. Well, 2 weeks ago the picture went out. Sound still works, but the picture is gone. Although in some ways it's been nice not having a TV, I really have missed CNN. I even resorted to listening to CNN during the conventions some. With the fall television season soon upon us, a post partum body to get back in shape via several exercise dvds, and plenty of time spent on my arse nursing my boy, we decided it was nice to find a replacement. Of course I turned to Craigslist. My first several checks proved very fruitless, but then Saturday morning I got lucky. A six year old 32 inch Sony tv had just been posted. I called and told the guy we wanted it. And this is what we got for our 50 bucks. Not too shabby, I say.
It's pretty much just the newer version of the tv we had. We are moving up in the world. And dvds look great on it!

What good deals have you scored on craigslist?


  1. what good deals have I NOT scored on craig's list? items purchased on craig's list that are currently in my home: our bed, Henry's bed, Nate's car, our piano and a filing cabinet. I love Craig's List. Love it, love it, love it! congrats on your sweet finds!

  2. Funny you should blog about Craig's List today, because I found some GREAT baby stuff just yesterday! I too found a great baby swing ($20) and has lights and music too. As soon as I picked it up, I called another Craig's List find and picked up a $5 baby bath tub. Yeah, I'd say that's pretty good, and it was all just minutes from my house. We love Craig's List around here too!

  3. I LOVE Craigslist!

    Things I've gotten (just a partial list): bought and sold my old condo via CL, a fab armoire, a puppy for my dad, two solid wood nightstands, a wooden bed frame, and we sold everything we owned on CL when we moved back to Portland (including a car).

    But the best "find" on CL??? My husband :) Yep, we met via Craigslist.

  4. We go even cheaper...we FreeCycle. I've gotten an easel, ball pit with balls, 2-year supply of paper for coloring, Wiggles backpack, and tool table with tools, all for my 2 year old. I even got a free ping-pong table for my dad's new game room, and all for the price of the gas to get there and back. We've also gotten rid of a few things we no longer want. It works out GREAT! I'm a HUGE fan of "free".

  5. Good finds! ohhh we love craigslist. We've bought and sold thousands and thousands of goods on there. (Well, we buy/sell cars a lot.) But even besides the cars its been thousands worth. (Selling Jake's tools and equipment.) I actually have a post about craigslist drafted! We LOVE it!

  6. I have a home to live in because of Craig.
    My husband sells a bunch of stuff too but I always make him go down to Wendys to make the deal because I'm scared of craiglist strangers. But not blogging strangers, go figure.

  7. I haven't had much luck on craigs list:( Could it be better where you live? Certainly when I lived in Idaho they didn't have much AT ALL. It was pretty lame. And I'm sorry to say that now that I live back in Utah County, I find that most of the stuff on there is kind of junky. I think us Mormons have a tendency to keep things until they've lost their live. Know what I mean?