Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Could someone please tell me why I was not informed that Grey's Anatomy went back on the air last week?!!! How was I not made aware of this? There is another new episode tomorrow night and you can bet I'll be getting online to catch up on last week's episode. Um, yeah I don't remember at all what's going on at Seattle Grace after all these months.


  1. They have a great 6 minute recap online to get you caught up for last week's episode. I only watch PA online anyway, because I hate commercials.

    SOOO glad to hear about Isaac's recent platelet count!

    Bummer you missed Obama, but I would have skipped it too just to not have to hear about his pastor or arugula one more time! I wonder when we stopped caring if the candidates were talking about actual issues in this country and how they plan to fix them. I am really tired of hearing all of the fighting amongst the candidates.

  2. Katrina-
    Good to hear about your life my Spanish roommate! How exciting to be expecting. I hope I get to meet him someday (and your hubby too!). We should chat sometime and catch up! I have a blog as well...not as fun as yours but oh well. Have fun and take care!

    xo Jessica

  3. You're in luck, the episode doesn't really deal a whole lot with what was happening before. At least not directly. You've probably already watched it by now, so I hope you enjoyed!

  4. mmm, thanks for reminding me! I missed it due to travelling, but I hope my boyfriends parents remembered to tape it!....and yeah, my memory is kinda fuzzy as to what was happening before as well. oh well.