Thursday, May 1, 2008

so long hair so long

Please bid a fond farewell to these long, long locks.
Today is the day they will chopped off and shipped to Locks of Love.
I hope some little red haired girl who lost her hair will enjoy these years of growth.
I blow dried and straightened my hair today for the occasion.
It takes WAY too long with this much hair.

I was quite shocked when I saw this photo.
I honestly didn't realize how long my hair is!
I don't usually get to see the back view.

I will look like a new woman tonight!


  1. good for you--seriously. I think that's awesome that you're donating your beautiful hair--very unselfish.

    I'm looking forward to see the pics of your new 'do!

  2. Wow. Your hair is really long. I miss my hair being that long- I might have to grow it out again after seeing these pictures.

    I think it's so cool that you're donating to locks of love. I can't wait to see the after pictures.

    And your belly looks adorable in the top picture :)

  3. How awesome you are donating your hair to locks of love. That little redhaired girl (Charlie Brown!) will love the hair. I can't wait to see the new do. Oh, and I am so happy that your stepson is doing well. I am glad you guys won't be following our path.

  4. Oh, so sad to see the pretty hair gone, but it's for a great cause. Good for you!

    I just thought I'd mention the Pantene donation program, in case you haven't already given it to LoL. LoL has been in hot water for some shady practices, namely selling the hair rather than giving it to needy people and using too much money for "adminstrative" costs. Pantene has a much better reputation.

  5. Tia, Yes I am aware of the Pantene program. I've also looked into Locks of Love "controversy" and feel comfortable giving my hair to them. The salon I go to participates in Locks of Love and takes care of the shipping and such, which is why I decided to just go with Locks of Love.

  6. I am excited to see the after pix. I love it how there are programs that donate hair to those in need! Your hair is beautiful and someone will be so happy to have yours!

  7. can't wait to see the "after" pics. you're such a beauty.

  8. what a great thing to do with such beautiful hair -- and I can't wait to see the after photos!

    I'm sure you'll be stunning!

  9. good for you! I just chopped off a foot of my hair for the summer and now I kind of wish I had donated it; how short is yours going to be?

    and how long does it have to be for locks of love? Doesn't it get all split end-y, and if it doesn't, how do you keep it to not being that way?

    I guess what I'm trying to say is what are the requirements for donating?

    can't wait to see 'after' pictures!