Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Work has been busy this week, hence the lack of postage here. I do have a few updates however.

Isaac went back to the doctor yesterday and his platelet count was at 400,000! That is on the high end of normal, so we are very glad. If you recall he was only at 7,000 a week ago. Thank you everyone once again who prayed for him!

We ended up not making it to the Obama rally Monday night. I was too tired to stay up that late and deal with all the hassle it would have involved. Plus, some friends we were going with had their baby that morning! So of course they couldn't make it, and I just wasn't motivated enough to stay up that late. Pregnant ladies need their rest!

For anyone who still cares what my pregnant belly is looking like week to week, I added a photo yesterday to Sunday's post. I didn't think I was bigger than last week, but maybe I am after all. The kid just keeps on growing--as he should. :-)

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