Thursday, February 14, 2008

a valentine for my valentine

I'm really not that into Valentine's day, but except for all the hype, what can be bad about a holiday dedicated to LOVE! My very own darling husband surprised me this morning by leaving a "tribute" post to me on my own blog. (Scroll down to read it if you haven't.) I didn't realize he had done it until I got an email notification after a couple people commented...more than 2 hours after he posted it! Upon reading it, I immediately teared up and just did again when I reread it. Jared is very good with words. It's one of the reasons I fell in love with him so quickly! Today I fear that I will not be able to write as beautifully as he has done. Nevertheless, here is my Valentine to him.

To Jared,

Lovers Running by Brian Kershisnik

Nearly one year ago this painting was on display at the Utah Museum of Art--on the day we got married. I love it. It is so joyful. The lovers are outside. They are running. They are embracing and about to kiss. And they have angels in the clouds gazing down on them. Who wouldn't want to be them?

This painting is how I feel with you. Life is joyful. We know real love. We are running through life, and we are turned toward each other. We have angels smiling down on us. I know we do.

But life isn't always a sunny meadow. Sometimes it is stormy. Sometimes it is cold. Sometimes there are mountains in our path or rivers to traverse. Sometimes we stumble and fall.

Still I know you are there beside me. I know my hand is firmly placed in yours. We are on the journey together. And when the rain pours upon us, we hold on ever tighter.

No matter the rain or snow or mountains or deserts we must face, I know we will get to the sunny meadow once more. How happy I am to have you as my companion as we run along.

I love you, my friend.

yours forever,



  1. Katrina, this was a beautiful love letter to your sweet husband! I hope you two have a wonderful Valentine's Day together - enjoy! See you soon. Kellan

  2. you kids make me all weepy and i love it.

  3. You guys are so stinkin' cute. Again...wishing we lived closer.

  4. that is so sweet katrina. nice way of putting it! valentines day is so nice esp. when someone really makes you feel loved :)
    Steve also wrote me a very nice valentine...on a card. my first (i think) card from him... i was really shocked- I guess he is more of a verbal person...he just says what he wants to say instead of writing it. I liked getting a card this time!

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