Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentines Day, my dear wife.

Usually I draw little cards to commemorate special occasions, but for quite some time this blog post has been swirling in my head, so I figured today would be a good time to write it.

I wanted to write a tribute to Katrina, one inspired by the following picture:

Here you see a gorgeous, striking young woman on that most special day of her life--her wedding day. Now, this particular girl is beautiful, stable, friendly, talented--in short, she has many qualities that could snag her pretty much any guy she wanted. And I happen to know for a fact that there were several of such guys who were interested in her... men who could offer her lives of financial and emotional stability and all sorts of things that the typical girls wants.

But this is not the typical wedding picture. In addition to the lovely bride and lucky guy are three precious children, fitting symbols for the complexity of the life Katrina has chosen. My heart fills with wonder and gratitude as I reflect on how much Katrina has accepted and loved these cherished friends and charges of mine. I am already a better father because of her influence, and I am so excited to have a fresh start and bring a baby into our family. I know that Katrina will do an exceptional job as a mother. As those of you who know Katrina well are aware, marrying me has added complexity and challenge to Katrina's life that she otherwise would not have known. What you cannot know fully is the degree to which she has handled these challenges with admirable grace, patience, and love. I honor her for it.

I joke that God finally slapped me upside the head and interceded by bringing Katrina into my life, because I certainly wasn't getting it before her. She is the kind of person I would have been looking for had I been wiser... she is an ideal match for me. For almost anyone, I feel, and I am so grateful she chose me to share her self and life and love.

As I have said before, Katrina has so many of those traits that are so foundational they risk being taken for granted. She loves exceptionally. She is an amazing friend. She is wise and stable and caring. And then there are those traits that too often do not inhabit the same soul...purity of heart and openness of mind, emotional stability and artistic creativity. She drinks in life with a childlike wonder--savoring all that delights the senses--good food and stirring music and beauty captured by the eye and camera. Plus she is gorgeous and sexy and interesting and fun!

Katrina, you are my Angel. I love you.


  1. AAAHHHHHHH! How sweet and mushy. I loved it.

  2. as someone who has been friends with Katrina since she was 9 years old, I am so delighted for both of you! and i am so happy that my childhood playmate who was my companion through endless pretend games about our future husbands has found such a wonderful partner.

  3. What a thoughtful and considerate letter. Any man that can post his feelings for his beloved (and my friend!) on the www is a keeper.

    Need to forward this on to Mr. Wright... ;)

  4. Beautiful! I love it when husbands blogjack. This was a wonderful valentine! He's definitely a keeper!