Monday, October 15, 2007

so you think you can dance

This weekend Jared and I saw the So You Think You Can Dance tour. It was amazing! If you've never watched the show, you should next year when they do it again. It's one of the best things on television. The dancing this year was phenomenal. Truly inspiring dancers and choreography. It was such a treat to be able to see them live. One thing that was cool is that the dancers themselves did all the introductions before dances. It was fun to see them get to show off their personalities.

The only thing I can complain about is that Lacey (she was in the top 4) was not able to dance due to a knee injury. They had Shauna fill in for her, and although she's a great dancer too, she doesn't have the spark that Lacey does. Of course our favorite is Danny and he did not disappoint. He is probably the best male dancer I have ever seen. So graceful and powerful and beautiful! I can't describe in words how amazing he is. It must be experienced.

Unfortunately you aren't supposed to take pictures, so all I have to show you are a couple we took before the show. One of us (rather awkward because there was little room to stand between the rows of seats and we wanted the sign in the background) and one (rather blurry) one of the stage. We had good seats. It was a very fun show.


  1. What a fun date! Glad you had such a good time.

  2. OH - how fun! That's too bad about Lacey, I would be disappointed, too. But at least you got to see the show, that's so fun! I love So You Think You Can Dance, I'm so jealous! Glad you had fun!