Wednesday, October 17, 2007

pushing daisies

I like TV. It's true. But I do try to limit the amount of shows I get addicted to. This fall we have a few we must watch. Mondays: Heroes. Thursdays: Smallville (Jared) and Grey's Anatomy. But now Wednesdays have 2 shows I don't like to miss: Private Practice (aka Addison's Anatomy) and a new show called Pushing Daisies.

I am telling you all right now that you should watch Pushing Daisies! It is so fun and so delightfully quirky. Plus I have a crush not only on the adorable Ned, the pie maker, played by Lee Pace. But also on his equally adorable childhood sweetheart Chuck, played by Anna Friel.

The basic premise of the show is that Ned has the power to bring things back from the dead by touching them. But there's a catch... If he ever touches them again they die again. And if he brings someone back for more than a minute, then someone else dies. Ned has teamed up with a private detective and together they collect reward money for unsolved murders. Ned wakes the dead person up and asks who kills them, then touches them again to go back to being dead. Get it?

Well things get tricky when Ned finds out his latest case to solve is the murder of his childhood sweatheart, Charlotte (Chuck). He ends up not touching her again and so she's now no longer dead, but they also can never touch again. And she can't be recognized by anyone because she's supposed to be dead. Of course, sparks fly, but it's the perfect answer to keeping the tension alive because they can never really get together or she'd die.

I really want this show to stick around so you should all watch it. And if you are like us and can't always be home at 8 pm on Wednesday night. You can watch it online! Just go here. All the characters are so fun and one of the best characters on the show you never actually see--the narrator! He's great and gives the funniest insights into what people are thinking.

Watch it tonight! Or later online.


  1. this show reminds me a lot of amelie. don't you think? its very stylistic and fun.

  2. Now that you mention it, yeah it does. I hadn't thought of that. I need to watch Amelie... it's been awhile.

    Andrea, I miss you in the blogosphere! I take it the new job is going well? When are you getting married?

  3. I also enjoy this show and the different tricky way that Ned and Chuck kiss or touch. The glass and glove in the car so they could ride together and hold hands made me laugh.

  4. So I've heard good things about this show and I am so glad you gave the synopsis. I am definitely going to watch it. Thanks!

  5. Been watching since the first episode! Love it!