Saturday, October 20, 2007

fig, anyone?

Until recently, I had never eaten a fig. Unless by fig, you mean the mushy stuff inside of a fig newton. But I'm talking about real figs. The fruit. Fresh.

My husband, however, has always enjoyed dried figs and was delighted the first time he discovered them fresh. He was excited that Whole Foods Market has them right now. And it turns out they are quite tasty. And also really pretty inside. The best way we can come up with describing them is a sweet cucumber with a hint of green pepper. They are a mild but sweet fruit.

But as I just found out thanks to the wonder that is Wikipedia, figs are not actually a fruit at all. They are the flower of the fig tree. Weird, but cool.

Aren't they pretty? I like them so much I had to add another picture.


  1. we have a fig tree and i had my first fig this summer. not too bad.

    and you're right, they are pretty. until the birds eat them and poop red all over the driveway, that is.

  2. I have never tried a fig...just fig newtons and I LOVE them! Interesting...

  3. beautiful pictures, Trina. I'm going to have to try a fig. (I do love fig newtons!)

  4. I have never had a fig! but I love the color. Also I thought you should know that thanks to you I spent about 7 hours catching up on online TV this weekend. I was sick though so I am justifying it.

  5. Pretty!

    I have always, always loved figs—in newtons as a child, and then in every other form as an adult. Fresh is such a treat. Figs and I have a long history. I've blogged about some of it. We have a sweet fig tree in our yard that has great sentimental value.

    Nice discovery!