Tuesday, October 23, 2007

guilty pleasures

We all have them. Here are a few of mine.

*People--Even though I'm disgusted by our culture's obsession with celebrity, I still love checking out the latest celeb photos and "news" at People. Is J.Lo pregnant? Will Britney clean up her act? Where will Brangelina be spotted next? Why must I know these things?!!! I don't really care and yet I still waste time finding out. Why?!!!

*Go Fug Yourself-- So this goes along with the last one. But these girls are so funny, clever, and vicious in their critiques of celebrity fashion, they are addicting!

*Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice (aka Addison's Anatomy)--These shows have clever writing, great casts, witty dialogue, and sometimes realistic situations. But at the end of the day they are still soap operas. And I love them!

*America's Next Top Model--My husband questioned his love for me the other day when I spent an hour and half catching up on this season's ANTM online. He did not realize that I have watched this show from the very first cycle, and even though I don't subject him to it, I still get a kick out of it, despite Tyra's antics. I have to say though, that this cycle's girls are all crazy dramatic. I just want to see the shoots and photos and skip the crazy drama.

What are your guilty pleasures?


  1. My guilty please when it comes to shows is the Hills on MTV, I can't help it, I love watching it, it is dramatic with cute boys, what more can I say. I am not religious watcher about any other show excluding the office. I must agree with the love of AMNTM but this is one is when I am at the gym so I watch as I run. An hour show is perfect b/c I will run to the entire show without realizing what time has gone by--love the drama queens in the world...just glad I can enjoy it from a far. :)

  2. And yes jlo is pregnant, my boss went to her concert a couple of weeks ago and said it is so obvious, plus she has all this protection for her belly while she is dancing around.

  3. Thanks for the inside scoop, Vic! From the picture I posted, it's pretty obvious too.

  4. oh man...i have the same celebrity thing too. i think it's because i always feel better about my life after reading about theirs! but i always check out MSN's gossip columns, and the "undressed" column...kind of like the fugly one you posted.

    but i feel like such a dork reading those. but i do! it's funny.

  5. The people I nanny for take People magazine and Newsweek; I always read through People first, and sometimes skip Newsweek entirely, depending on what the cover story is.

    And Cheetos. I know they're ultra-processed and it's like eating poison from a bag, but I like 'em.

  6. have you heard of www.greyswriters.com? It's a blog from the writer's perspective of that weeks episode of Greys...I always read it after watching Grey's. Thought you might be interested in checking it out seeing as you're a Grey's fan as well :)

  7. I'll admit...I peruse (is that the right spelling?) people.com for the pictures. although when I go weeks without checking it...I hardly miss it... I also love chips, salty ones. I big on sour cream and onion lately ;)

    I also love dipped cones from Dairy Queen...but I have to get it right out of the dipper, because I like my first bites to be kinda melty!

  8. i love ANTM too. after i watch it though, i feel like i want to smack tyra.

  9. I watch Desperate Housewives. There, I said it. I've also been caught at the grocery store late at night sans kids with a blank stare and celeb magazines.

    I love your blog! And thanks so much for the comment about my lips! Because I have braces I'm a little self conscious right now.

  10. When we were in a hotel for 7 weeks my guilty pleasure was SO many shows (top model was one of them). I was hooked on craiglist for a long time.

  11. Well, it's good to know that I'm not the only one out there who indulges in the shallow things of this world.

    Rach:yeah, I read the msn stuff too sometimes.

    Em: Cheetos are funny...puffy, cheesy things. Who came up with those?

    Her: Thanks for commenting! And thanks for the tip. I checked it out.

    Kate: A dipped cone sounds SO good! I also love chocolate vanilla swirl cones.

    Katie: yeah, Tyra is ridiculous but there is something about that show that is genius.

    Nicki: Welcome! I'm glad my compliment meant so much! :-)

    Autumn: Craigslist is awesome. We got our couch and kitchen table from there.