Friday, August 31, 2007

playing with baby parker

The end of May, my sweet sister-in-law Theresa had her first baby--Parker. When we arrived in Utah a few days after his birth this is what he looked like:

The day before Jared and I left Utah, Theresa returned to the Beehive state after a summer spent in North Dakota. Her husband, Thomas, is still there for a couple more weeks working. Here is Theresa with Jared (Don't they look alike?):

Having Theresa back meant that baby Parker was back too. And check out how darling he is now:

Of course we all had fun holding him.

He is such a sweet, happy baby. Fully of smiles and giggles. Although he liked to stop smiling as soon as I put the camera in his face. But I did capture this great grin (albeit a bit blurry):

Check out those dimples!

We miss you Parker, Theresa, and Thomas!


  1. Hi! I saw your blog a few weeks ago when I was searching for pics of blunt bangs... and I am so excited when I see your new haircut just now!!

    I'm also a round face gal who loves blunt bangs, but since everyone said round face don't go with blunt bangs I was really disappointed. (right now I have side swept bangs, which are nice too but I'm tired of them!)

    But now I see you and this new haircut looks amazing!! That red is really gorgeous with your skin tone. I'm convinced, I think I'll finally get that long needed haircut :)


    p.s. your family looks so adorable!

  2. I'm so glad my bangs have inspired you! I've heard for years that round faced girls shouldn't do the blunt bangs, which is why I specifically searched for people with round faces to prove it wrong! I totally love them more every day and wonder why I didn't do it sooner. And i'm glad my hair color looks good with my skin... if it didn't, I'd have only nature to blame! :-) Good luck with your new hair... I'd love to see a picture when you make the cut.