Tuesday, July 3, 2007

just another manic monday

I've decided to hate Mondays. Many of you may be thinking, "Duh! Everyone hates Mondays!" But I have never really had a pure hatred of Monday until yesterday. You see, in our quad of Wymount Terrace, Monday is the day the BYU grounds crew comes and mows the lawn and weed whacks the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of this place. And they start at approximately 7:30 a.m.!!! To make matters worse, there is no air conditioning in this lovely cinder block palace, so to avoid heat stroke, the windows are left open all night to let in the cool desert breeze. Hence, the sound of the weed whacker outside my window at 7:40 in the morning is loud enough to rouse a hibernating bear.

Needless to say, yesterday did not start out well and only seemed to get worse. I just felt like I was in a funk all day long. I HATE super hot days and yesterday it was over 100 degrees. That's way too hot to go outside for me and the kids' few attempts didn't last long either, so pretty much we spent most of the day stuck inside (fortunately this cinder block palace does stay pretty cool, even in 100 degree weather).

One highlight of the day was the birthday package that arrived from my mother for Isaac. It was full of fun art supplies, camdy, and a snorkle! The art supplies kept the kids busy for much of the day. And in the afternoon, I didn't feel too guilty when I let them watch about two hours (!) of PBS.

But as for me, I felt bored and restless and irritable and by 5:00 the attack of the killer headache was upon me. I tried ignoring it, but by 6 I succumbed and took some Tylenol. Excedrin is my usual headache drug of choice, but I really didn't want to be up half the night due to it's caffeine content. So I took Tylenol and hoped for the best. After lying down I attempted to make dinner, but that ended with me in painful tears. Jared held me while I cried during which we overheard this conversation:

Isaac: "Mummy isn't feeling well." (Mummy is the new name we decided on.)
Grace: "I heard her crying and Daddy was protecting her."

How sweet is that?

Skipping ahead, I did manage to get up and eat dinner and even teach Family Home Evening. But soon the headache reared it's ugly head again and back to bed I went with more tears. Jared cleaned up the kitchen, did the laundry, and even had to go back to the store at 11:00 because we were out of toilet paper! And this whole time, I just felt guilty. I felt like a horrible wife and Mummy!

Plus, while Jared was at the store I heard Olivia say this to Isaac: "It used to be that Katrina was nicer than Daddy, but now Daddy is nicer than Katrina."

Oh dear! Yeah, that's because I'm with you ALL DAY LONG and have to do the majority of the disciplining right now. I didn't actually say that, and I didn't go out there again and tell them to be quiet and go to sleep for the fifth time. I let their Dad do that when he came home.

Fortunately, Monday ended. I went to sleep and when I woke up this morning my headache was gone. And today I get to go spend some time with a few of my fellow Iversons whom I haven't seen since my wedding or longer. Thank goodness for friends! And thank goodness for this blog that lets me vent. And to all of you who read it. I promise to have a happier post tomorrow!


  1. oh man...I am so sorry to hear about your day yesterday! I have those kind of days quite frequently, sadly enough. Actually, I think it's not so much the entire day as the build-up of the last two hours before my husband gets home and my "shift ends." And isn't it lovely that the parent who spends all day loving, entertaining, feeding, disciplining, etc. doesn't get to be the "fun parent?"

    Days like that always serve to make me really appreciate a) my husband b) quiet moments of alone time. Hence the increasing numbers of girls' nights out...I am SO glad you were able to have some break time today! Friends really are lifesavers.

    Well...I'm off to go deposit my darling child with my friend so I can have some alone time. :-)

  2. I just have to say how much I love reading your blog. I love how honest and upfront you are. We all need a little more of that in our lives!

  3. Rachael-- It's good to know I'm not the only one!

    Em-- Thanks for reading my blog! I really appreciate the comment!

  4. Katrina,
    First of all, I didn't know you were in Wymount! We should play. I walk up around the temple most mornings. Plus, to stay cool, we could take all the kids to DT pool for free.
    Also, let me truly empathize with you about headaches. They are frequent and terrible for me, and I understand how debilitating they are. My sympathies.
    And finally, I hope you're having a better week. Bad days like that are the pits.

  5. Hey Anne! Yep, we are in Wymount. We should totally get together! We've been to pool a couple times, but I haven't ventured there yet without Jared. But I think I feel comfortable enough now to do try it. It would be fun to see you! And yes, the week had improved much since Monday... thanks for the sympathies!