Saturday, June 30, 2007

i love my husband

to the mother of my children,
From: Jared
Sent: Fri 6/29/07 8:08 PM
To: Katrina

My precious partner,

I emailed you to this email because I know you check it. My heart is so full right now, after first reading your "m" word post and then talking to the kids about what to call you. Grace once again insisted she wants to call you "mommy," and I suggested "imma" (Hebrew) or "mummy" for Isaac and Olivia. You make a good point that with all you do for them, it is only fitting that you have a special name.

One funny little thing--Grace was saying something about us being here and added, "because Mommy doesn't belong here!" I am so grateful that we have created a space for these children, a space where we can nurture stability and boundaries saturated with love. You fulfill my dreams, my beautiful angel. Thank you for being that angel, that messenger of God who came into my life and made me whole--more complete than I have ever been.

I like the double meaning of the subject--the obvious, that we will have beautiful children together whom we will love and raise together, children who will weld us even more closely together, and the fact that you are becoming more and more of a mother to my children, my dear friends whom I love and care so much for. I have ached that we will have a complete family and they never will, but this summer has already shown me that they too can bask in the fullness of our love.

I love you more, my goddess.

Yours forever,


Isn't that a most lovely email? Last night I left right after Jared got home from work to go the temple with my friend Jennifer. After a long a session, we got dinner and I didn't get home until about 11 o'clock. And this is what was waiting for me! Besides Jared and the kids all still awake! This email totally got me all misty-eyed. My husband is so good with words. I have hundreds of beautiful emails from him, but after the past two weeks with the kids, this one meant so very much to me. I wanted to share. Thank you, Jared. I love you!


  1. aren't husbands wonderful creatures?

  2. yes, yes, they are. Or the good ones are, anyway. I'm glad we both got good ones!

  3. I can't comment on how great husbands are, but I have a question I am new at this whole blog thing, but how do you keep the formatting nice? I don't see many options in the formatting area of the whole post thing.

  4. Vicki, when you go to the new post page make sure you are clicked on the tab that says "compose" and not "edit html". I seriously just figured this out not to long ago... for some reason mine was always on edit html. In the compose window you can change colors, font size and stuff. Happy blogging!

  5. Katrina,
    What a amazing letter to have! I just want you to know that I just read all of your resent posts and I am so inspired by your faith and optimism. I am sure that this is a struggle and a blessing. I have found it so helpful to read about your experiences and I am so inspired truly. Keep going it's all worth it!

  6. Thank you, Adrienne. That means so much to me!