Thursday, July 5, 2007

fourth festivities

We had a pretty fun and relaxing 4th of July. We all slept in and then went swimming after lunch, and then came home and had dinner. We watched the fireworks from the lawn in front of the Provo Temple. And with the exception of some impatient whining during the last 30 minutes before it began, good times were had by all.

Jared got a little lesson planning in.

Grace pretended to read my book.

Olivia wouldn't get in the picture with us...

so Jared took one of her by herself.
And of course...finally...fireworks!

(We tried out the fireworks feature on the camera, but I think I moved too much on some. Although I think they look cool.)


  1. I'd have to disagree with you on the fireworks pictures...I think they look awesome. And those are some darn cute kids you have there.

  2. Oh wait...I just read your comment about the fireworks pictures more SLOWLY and you wrote 'althought i think they look cool'. duh. ignore me. its the heat. :)

  3. For real, those pics were really cool. I'm kind of amazed your camera has a "fireworks" feature. Now that's technology. (Or maybe ours has one too and I just don't know it... I hardly know how to turn off the blasted flash).

  4. Thanks for checkin' out my foodstuffs. Anne says you're great and if Jared loves food, then we're bound to get along. We should get together for dinner sometime--you guys are in Provo for a while, right?

  5. Oh my Gosh! Your blog looks totally different and your life looks TOTALLY! Thanks for all the pics...I enjoyed looking through them and catching-up. It looks like you have the mummy thing under control.