Tuesday, May 8, 2007

who I want to be (random sampler)

In no particular order and with or without set time frames I want to...

1. keep my house tidier.
2. read my scriptures more.
3. be a mother.
4. make an oil painting I would want to hang in my house.
5. sew a dress.
6. plant a garden... or at least a flower box.
7. be a better photographer.
8. sing a duet in Church with Jared.
9. own a home and paint my walls fun colors.
10. exercise more.
11. own a piano.
12. buy all organic dairy products, eggs, and produce.
13. cook more creatively.
14. bake bread.
15. do more random acts of kindness.
16. learn Spanish and/or French.
17. be a world traveler.
18. take a ballet class again.
19. write a book (and have it published).
20. be in the temple with my husband surrounded by our children.

Who do you want to be?


  1. this is such a cool list! i am going to steal the idea and start keeping one for myself!

  2. How funny!!Yesterday I made a list of things I want to do in my journal. Mine looks like this...
    2.Paint more
    3.Get a job that earns decent $
    5.Start class in the Fall
    6.Build a yoga website
    7.Write and research for my blog
    8.Read more often
    9.Manage cash flow
    10.Present myself well everyday

  3. I love your list...very sweet and ditto on lots you said:) Hope all is well!!

  4. i have wanted to oil pain too forever, it is just hard to find the time...and it doesn't help that i have zero artistic ability. fun post though!!

  5. I love that you edited your post to say we want to buy organic dairy products too. :-) I am excited to accomplish these goals together!