Thursday, May 10, 2007

two months of wedded bliss

Two months can go by so quickly and yet feel like forever. In the two months Jared and I have been married, here a few (25) reasons I'm grateful for my husband...
1. He makes the bed every morning.
2. He carries me to bed at night when I fall asleep on the couch at 10:15 during a movie and then brings me my toothbrush and a cup so I can brush my teeth.
3. He cooks me amazing meals. (see here)
4. He scratches my back whenever asked, which is at least once a day.
5. He thinks my french toast is the best he's ever had.
6. He tells me I'm beautiful every day, even when I look like crap.
7. On the days I do make an effort, he raves about my gorgeousness and counts his blessings at having such a "hot wife".
8. He watches and thoroughly enjoys Grey's Anatomy with me.
9. He insists on carrying way more than his fair share of groceries inside, usually leaving me with only the very lightest bags. This is his idea of chivalry.
10. He drops me off and picks me up from work every day.
11. Every morning while I am doing all my girlie stuff to get ready in the morning, he packs us both a lunch.
12. He walks across campus to eat said lunch with me every day.
13. He loves my body and tells me often.
14. He likes to have me watch him do push ups and pull ups (and he always takes his shirt off for these exercises, which I don't mind at all).
15. He lets me put my cold hands and feet on him, but then won't let me return the favor.
16. He loves it when what we are wearing on a given day coordinates, like having a similar color scheme.
17. He thinks I'm artistic.
18. He loves candles.
19. He always scoots his chair as close to mine as possible at dinner.
20. He kisses me in the middle of prayers.
21. He misses me between drop-off and lunch time and lunch time and pick-up.
22. No one believes me when I say he is 29.
23. He really, really loves my red hair.
24. Each morning when the alarm goes off, he turns it off and then snuggles with me for another 30 minutes.
25. He tells me he loves me many times a day.

I love you, Jared! I am so happy to be your wife!


  1. I tried to resist being the first person to comment, but I couldn't. This touched me profoundly, Katrina, and you expressed yourself beautifully. Do you remember when we wrote first 50, and then 100 things we loved about each other? I love our story! And I have never been as happy as I have over these last two months. I love and cherish you, my best and precious friend.

  2. this is very sweet. just wanted to let you know that i like reading your blog. i am a friend of liz hart and all those other olympus girls. keep writing! :)

  3. This is what I call love! Made me tear!

  4. Cute post Katinka. Just some random questions about Grey's Anatomy... does anyone remember that Katherine Heigl was in a Disney original movie called Wish Upon a Star? And, the hot younger guy was from a short-lived TV show called USA High (his name was Christian, boyfriend of Whitney on the show)? My sister and I loved both of those shows, and I think of them whenever I see stuff about Grey's Anatomy.

  5. Suz, so I did a little searchin on IMDb about USA High and the guy who played Christian is NOT on Grey's Anatomy. Christian was played by a guy named Thomas Magiar, of who there was no picture. I watched USA High, but can't really picture what anyone looked like.

  6. I've cried..
    This is love..this is the real meaning of love.
    Thanks Katrina, or your wonderfull words..and thanks also Jared..for this beautiful story.
    I wish you all the best..from Italy.