Thursday, May 17, 2007

race to the whitehouse

I'm not a political junkie, but I do like to be informed and having once been the producer of a little political show in Salt Lake City, I'm probably an above-average follower of politics. That said, I have been excited for quite awhile about next year's presidential election. Speculations began last year on who would run and who had a shot, and now the race is in full swing--with nearly 18 months until election day! I'm not a history buff, but I'm pretty sure this is unprecedented. What makes it especially interesting is how wide-open the race for each party's nomination is and how many have lined up for a chance at the White House. This month things have heated up more with televised debates among each party's candidates and the media coverage of the race is increasing. I find it all very fascinating from a news standpoint. I'm excited to see how the next year and half play out, especially during the primaries. I don't think we've had primaries this exciting in quite some time.

As for me, I don't even know if I'm voting Republican or Democrat, but I do have a favorite on each side--two men who are gaining more momentum but are still in the under-dog position-- Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. They both have an uphill battle but they definitely each have a shot at the nomination. Obama has been a media darling for awhile now, and Romney is making headlines more and more. He recently appeared on 60 Minutes and is on the cover of this week's Time. Could a Mormon win? Could an African-American? These are exciting times in American politics!


  1. You inspire me with your political interest. :-) I should spend more time with you.

  2. ditto what jared said :) i am SO curious about this race...I wonder if our country is ready to elect a woman, a black man, a mormon?? quite a varied race. i'm just not ready to get too entrenched as there's still so much time 'til election day.

  3. funny how the first thoughts that popped into my head while reading this post were 1) mitt romney - mormon, slc olympics, father of craig romney AND 2) barack obama - on the last episode of gilmore girls, rory decides to take a job as a traveling journalist for his political campaign...must get more educated before election time. thanks for the extra push.