Thursday, May 17, 2007

here kitty, kitty

Jared and I are house/cat sitting for Jared's professor. They have three cats and live in this really cool house near Duke University campus (more on the house later). Yesterday we had quite the scare. We came home from school/work and couldn't find Thomas the cat anywhere. He is the friendliest of the three and has greeted us each day in the kitchen. Upon conferring, we realized we hadn't seen him since Tuesday morning. We searched everywhere with no sign of him. I called his name and went through every room. I was envisioning having to drive up and down the street looking for a dead cat along the side of the road. Tom likes to escape, and the cleaning lady had been here the day before, so I was afraid he had gotten out then. But Jared came inside having talked to the neighbor who told him Tom hides in closets when the cleaning lady comes. Sure enough, that's where Jared found him. The poor thing had spent more than 24 hours in that closet and didn't make a sound. He came running down the stairs and started gobbling up his dry cat food. We decided he deserved the good canned stuff and here he is scarfing it down, poor thing. He must have been so hungry. Jared, being the wonderful guy he is, cleaned up the mess Tom made in the closet.

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