Friday, May 18, 2007

top five reasons to love whole foods market

5. The feeling of indulgence at being in a store full of healthy food, most of which is much too expensive.
4. Fresh ground peanut butter that will make you excited for a sack lunch again.
3. Delicious, whole wheat, tastes-like-it's-homemade sliced bread for only $1.99!
2. Shockingly, they have the cheapest milk around!
1. The free samples throughout the store, especially the fruit, that are so reliable you can go shopping hungry and not over-buy.


  1. Plus there is the fact that if Curtis Stone were to come here, that is where he would shop. ;-) Oh wait, you don't need a take home chef...

  2. Mmmmm! I am turning into a whole foods/health food junkie...and you guys inspire me. yummy whole wheat for 1.99 -- that is definitely something to smile about.