Tuesday, March 20, 2007


That's what I am now--a married woman, which is what parineeta means in Hindi. Its the title of one of my very favorite Bollywood movies. A must see.

I am back home in North Carolina after a week in sunny Florida for our honeymoon. I'm now attempting to get our house back in order. So fun. I mostly wanted to post a couple pictures I have.... for those of you who made it to the wedding, you saw these there. I am still waiting on the rest of my wedding and bridals. But if you'd like to see a few more check out bellephotos.com/photoblog. My photographer is amazing. I highly recommend him.


  1. lovely! you are stunning. wow! i miss you. wish i could sit on your bed with you and look through your wedding pics. please post more when you get them.

  2. Katrina! You are so beautiful! It kind of took my breath away when I saw that picture. I need to call you soon so we can catch up on the past few week's happenings.

    Glad you are happy and safe in NC and now married!


  3. my sisters brought me a copy of your wedding mix and i LOVE it. love love love "The Luckiest." and we checked out Missy Higgins too...great!

  4. You are a model! Wow... I think that you should submit this to a wedding Mag! If not for sure Utah Bride or you should look into North Carolina Bride!!! haha! But seriously you are beyond beautiful!