Saturday, February 24, 2007

Vegetarian Confessions

I haven't eaten meat in three months. The last time was at a Brazilian steakhouse in Albuquerque when I was home for Thanksgiving. I was there with my family, and I had one bite of sirloin steak. The funny thing is I didn't even eat turkey on Thanksgiving, but I ate that one bite of steak.

Jared is a vegetarian. He became a vegetarian on his mission to Madagascar. When Jared first told me this, I asked him why. He chose to be a vegetarian for several reasons, mostly to be more healthy, but also because he feels it better follows the health guidelines of the LDS church. He had me read this article about it. It definitely made me think.

I decided to try a little experiment. I had Jared give me some ideas for vegetarian meals--a week's worth. One week turned into two turned into three. I found that I didn't even miss the meat. I even found a great substitute for hamburgers--black bean burgers. I was so excited the first time I made them. I bought this great spicy pineapple chili sauce to put on it. Absolutely delicious!

I found that as I chose vegetarian options, I chose healthier options. The result was that I actually lost weight and felt better all around. And it was so easy. I wasn't a perfect vegetarian--I still occasionally gave into convenience and had chicken and rice soup or chili. I even very strategically went out for a big juicy hamburger with fries and a shake. That was in October-- the last time I had a hamburger.

Now that Jared and I eat every meal together, there is no reason to eat meat. I am the lucky girl to be with a man who is an absolutely fabulous cook. Plus, we both really enjoy all different kinds of food. We do eat fish and seafood. We also eat tofu at least once a week.

I have even ventured out into the world of vegetarian "meat". We bought Morning Star Bacon Strips. Now that was an experience. It is amazing how real it smells, even if the texture isn't quite right. I also finally tried the MorningStar Grillers Prime burgers. And I must say they are quite tasty. Pile on all the fixins and you can hardly tell its not real.

Last night for dinner we had chicken nuggets. I must say that this was the best fake "meat" I have had yet. Given that real chicken nuggets are rather questionable as meat anyway.... these were fabulous and healthy!

I still don't call myself a vegetarian, although I'm getting closer. I am not morally opposed to eating meat, and I probably will eat it again at some point. But for now, I don't miss it. It just doesn't really appeal to me anymore. Not even Cafe Rio pork. :-)


  1. you're ka-razy, no cafe rio pork? nevertheless i applaud your efforts. wish i could be disciplines like that.

  2. Is there such a thing as a bacon-and-Cafe-Rio-Pork-eating-vegetarian. Because I could do that. your next post is going to announce that you've stopped shaving your underarms and that you're using all natural toothpaste. it's a slippery slope :) Teasing! I think it's great that you're a veggie! i've thought about it myself :)

  3. Found your post to be very informative. The article you linked is very insightful and I am wondering if you could provide further information on what your husband prepares and if there are any resources you could direct me to concerning the way he learned to eat in Madagascar. If possible you could email me at Thank you.