Sunday, April 1, 2007

planet earth

For those of you unaware, Discovery Channel has the most amazing series on right now. It's called Planet Earth. It is an eleven part documentary about our little blue planet and its inhabitants (but not us) that took five years to make. Creators used the latest in cinematic technology to capture never before seen parts of life on Earth. Photographers hung out in the arctic for a year just to film polar bears, and others braved -60 degree weather to capture male emperor penguins guard their eggs through four months of winter.

Last week was the first week it aired, and Jared and I LOVE it! It is so fascinating. There are not words to describe to it. I join with Oprah in saying that this is the best thing I've ever seen on television.

Tonight we watched a starving male polar bear desperately try to hunt a walrus, only to finally succumb to death himself. And we saw desert lions travel hundreds of miles for food. Last week we saw elephants swim and birds in the rain forest dance. This truly is giving me a whole new view of our planet. We will definitely be using some of wedding money to buy the DVD.

Planet Earth airs Sundays at 8 p.m. Eastern time through April. Check out for more info.

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  1. cool! we always love to know about neat things to watch. thanks :)