Thursday, July 28, 2011

sunday at the park

One Sunday a couple weeks ago I just felt the urge to get out of the city. So after dinner we drove up Parley's Canyon to Washington Park. I'd never been there before and missed the turn, so we had a bit of a scenic drive too. The extra car time put both kids to sleep.

Of course the sleeping didn't last long. Soon Asher was awake and ready to explore!
He exclaimed more than once, "This is awesome, Mom!" He was on a constant search for bugs.

Jared and I spent time reading on the grass.

And eventually Miriam woke up too.

She wanted to go play on the playground.

But we couldn't stay forever and when I said it was time to go, this is the response I got:

So we stalled by taking a few more pics
How hilarious is Asher's face?
He really does love his Mama!

And then it was time to load up and head for home and bed. 

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