Wednesday, July 27, 2011

downtown farmers' market

A couple weekends ago we ventured downtown to check out the farmers' market. Man, that place was packed! And it was hot. Next time I think I may go by myself without kids so I can take my time, but we still had fun.

Miriam was being fussy while I waited for Jared to pay for something so a woman stopped with her dog to cheer her up. Her dog in a stroller! Hilarious. It did cheer up Miriam though. :-)

The kids enjoyed the free samples. 

My friend Alisha is a super talented photographer. She has a booth set up at the market where she does these awesome instant portraits. It is true art. You should definitely check it out and get photographed if you are a local. Plus Alisha is so fun. You will love meeting her.

Water and playground break.

Back to the car with our goodies.

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