Wednesday, April 6, 2011

9 months

This post is two weeks late but since we were sick when Miriam actually turned 9 months, I didn't take pictures of her. Finally did today. She is so stinkin cute! She's really into standing these days. Stands against my legs or the couch. Still won't crawl though she will walk around with us holding her hand.

A funny observation I realized today: Asher was much better as a baby about looking at the camera. Miriam almost never does. I have way more pics of Ash looking at the camera then I do of her.

9 months is a big milestone for babies I think. They start to really branch out and explore on their own by 9 months old. I wrote about this when Asher turned 9 months. Miriam is still such a mama's girl but she's starting to want to get down and explore more and more. She's not a tiny baby anymore!